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Welcome to the Website of the National Association of British Arabs

     مرحبا بكم فى موقع  الجمعيه الوطنيه للبريطانيين العرب  


Last updated on 03 May 2013 22:37

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    NABA's preliminary report on the results of results of 2011 Census   click / downloadable pdf file  
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the library

  A reference for selected and submitted articles which include:-  


  analytical articles  
  diaspora   articles on Diaspora issues (Arab almahjer)  
  arabia   articles on the Arab world  
  history   selected historical articles including society   
  references   section with relevant references, such as home office guides to setting up organisations, encyclopaedias and directories. Send us your suggestions.  

book reviews

  We are happy to publish reviews on recent books on various issues.  
  news & views   currently a temporary section, contains appeals and views on health & politics.  
  culture & art   under construction. It is planned to encompass various literature, poetry, painting and calligraphy, music etc.  
  the association      


  Information on NABA's profile, aims and objectives, the constitution and its achievement and activities.  
  reports   reports and studies by NABA and others (we are always interested in receiving academic studies to add to this section.  
  letters   To politicians & officials &, general NABA correspondence, our electronic newsletter, letters to NABA and the Website Editor, and press releases.                   
  parliament   Use this to find and/or contact your MP and read the latest debates by referring to Hansard.  


  Appeals by NABA and other organisations and individuals.  
  events   shall include various activities.  
  membership   how to apply for membership of NABA and includes an application form and standing order mandate form.  
  links   links to relevant website classified according to the type of the addressee such as Arab, British Arab organisations, news and newspapers, publishers, study centres etc. It is continually updated and added to.  

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NABA (The National Association of British Arabs)
Registered as British Arabs community interests company registration No. 06234501.2000-2011