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11-27 July

Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival 2008 Click here for details  
Contact: Adrian Pennington, PR Consultant for LAAF, Tel: 44(0)7737 970930. 
Sat 7 JuneLiverpool Arabic Arts Festival 11 - 27 July 2008
  Sun 29 June


"Israel: 60 Years of Shame"
By: The Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB), the British Muslim Initiative (BMI) and other organisations will be holding a number of activities on the day to protest against this shameless dancing on Palestinian graves. The main two are:
1- "Israel: 60 Years of Shame" bus tour in London
Three double-decker buses will drive around central London, covered with banners highlighting the 60 years of Nakba and Israel's record of shame and crimes against the Palestinians from 1948 up to date.(Buses will leave from Malet Street at 11:00 am (Nearest Tube stations are Russell Square, Goodge Street, Euston and Euston Square). Please be there on time).
2- "Shame on You" Vigil next to Trafalgar Square
A vigil will take place from 2:30 pm outside the South African House. This is the first building overlooking Trafalgar Square on the Strand (visit the following link for the location's map:|south%20african%20house,%20london#map=51.50815,-0.12675|20|256&be=15612838|North&loc=GB:51.50836:-0.12682:16|WC2N 5DP|WC2N 5DP)
  Sat 7 June Arab Media Watch is holding its fourth annual fundraising dinner on Saturday 7 June 2008 at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, London.



Thurs 15

Seminar: The effect on Child Mental health in Iraq. UCL, 5.30 - 8.00 See attached  

Thurs 15

End the Siege of Sadr City 
by Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation
Demonstration in front of the US Embassy, 24 Grosvenor Square, London
Thursday from 4.30-6.00 pm Grosvenor Square, London   
SadrCityEndSiege.gif (57603 bytes) Click the picture to enlarge  

Mon 12 


Talk on: Iraq's Oil Industry and Future Prospects.
By: Dr Issam Al-Chalabi, Chair: Dr Martha Mundy
Monday May 12th 2008, 6-7:30pm
Venue: LSE - London School of Economics, St Clement�s Building, S75, Houghton Street, London WC2A
Remarks: LSE is honored to host Issam al-Chalabi who served as Iraqi Minister of Oil before leaving Iraq in 1990. Al-Chalabi is a foremost authority on the oil industry and, along with other Iraqi experts in an important meeting in Amman 2007, has developed critical analyses of the occupation-supported new �oil laws� for Iraq. This is a chance to hear from a world expert and an engaged Iraqi patriot what the Iraqi oil industry faces today.
Please access the attached hyperlink for an important electronic communications disclaimer:

Sat 10 


National Demonstration for Palestine: Saturday 10th May 2008 London:  60 Years of Nakba (1948 Palestinian Catastrophe) - المنتدى الفلسطيني في بريطانيا: هذه دعوة عامة للمشاركة في المسيرة المقرر إقامتها يوم  السبت القادم  10/5/2008 لإحياء ذكرى النكبة و المطالبة برفع الحصار عن غزة .المعلومات عن مكان التجمع و طريق المسير موجودة ضمن هذا الإعلاننأمل من الجميع المشاركة وحث الأهل والأصدقاء على الحضور والمساهمة الفاعلة للمطالبة بتحرير فلسطين في ذكرى اغتصابها


Tues 6 

As you may know the New Generation Assyrians (NGA)�met on Sunday 20th April to discuss�the idea of organising a demonstration to raise awareness of the Assyrian Genocide currently unfolding�in Iraq.�Those present collectively�agreed that�demonstrating would only be worthwhile and effective if we managed to get numbers in excess of 1000.Therefore a�meeting with all our Church, Social,�Political and Charity groups is being organised on Tuesday May 6th at 8pm at the Assyrian�House to set up a committee to work on this project made up of individuals representing different groups.�
For your information, please find attached the minutes from the meeting on Sunday. Please also consider this email as an invitation to�the meeting organised on Tuesday 6�May at 8pm�at the Assyrian House. Please confirm your attendance by no later than Thursday 1st May 2008.�
Lastly for those not already aware please read the following link which highlights the recent demonstration which took place on the 19th April in Brussels.
Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at �

Minutes of the Preparatory Meeting



   Mon 21 till Sun 27 April
Palesine Film Festival (

21/04/2008 - 18:00 - Palestine Film Festival: Day 4
21/04/2008 - 19:30 - Feature Film Screening + Q&A: Extraordinary Rendition

TUESDAY 22/04/2008
Palestine Film Festival: Day 5
18:30 Interactive Media Workshop with AMW Chairman & Adviser: Using the Power of the Media
19:30 - Insight with Sir Menzies Campbell: War, Politics & the Lib Dems

WEDNESDAY 23/04/2008 
- 17:00: The Education of Leaders in Iraq (1921-1968) and Japan (1868-1912): A Comparative Study
- 19:00: The Mamluk Basin of Hugue IV of Lusignan : a Testimony of Regalia
- 19:30 - Talk & Screening: The Iron Wall
- 19:30 - In the Picture with Judah Passow: Shattered Dreams - Israel & the Palestinians

THURSDAY 24/04/2008
18:00 Palestine Film Festival: Day 7
19:30 - Concert: Rhythms of Palestine

FRIDAY 25/04/2007
18:00 Palestine Film Festival: Day 8

SATURDAY 26/04/2008
15:00 - Palestine Film Festival: Day 9

SUNDAY 27/04/2008
11:00 - Charitable Bazaar in Aid of Iraqi Refugees
15:00 - Palestine Film Festival: Day 10

Sun 27 April

Charitable Bazaar
Sponsored by the Arab club in Britain, IAIR organizing a Charitable Bazaar to help Iraqi refugees in Syria, Egypt and Jordan, and the orphans in Iraq.
(Items on sale will include a series of paintings of the Iraqi visual artists, jewellery, accessories, decorative items, bed sheets and covers, oriental cloths, many miscellaneous and household items.- Food, cold and hot drinks will be served at low prices). 
Children are welcome. Admission tickets (�2 per adult) will be entered for a raffle competition. Prizes include beautiful and timeless gifts.

Day and Time: 
Sunday 27 April 2008 
11:00AM - 6:00PM

St. Paul�s Court (Community Room) Colet Garden (off Hammersmith Rd) London W14 9DH (Nearest tube station is Hammersmith & Barns Court. Busses 9, 10, 27)
Over 2.4 million vacated their homes for safer areas within Iraq, up to 1.5 million were living in Syria, and over 1 million refugees were inhabiting Jordan, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon

Contact us:

26 & 27 April

26th: An 'Introduction to Humanitarian and Medical Relief Work. 
27th: an 'Introduction to the Project Cycle'. ou volunteer abroad.
Organiser: http://www.doctorsw orldwide. org/training. shtml  or call 0161 292 5788 / email training@doctorswor  to book your place.

Fri  25 April

Almultaqa: (In English)   The Mohamed Ali Dynasty: Egypt Rulers 1805 - 1953 Dr. Tafida El-Sayed  Venue  

Fri  18 April

Almultaqa: (In Arabic)   من جل تحقيق التقدم فى العالم العربى يجب ن تكون الاولوية للاصلاح الاقتصادى و الاجتماعى قبل الاصلاح السياسى و تحقيق الديمقراطيه 
المؤيدون: م۰ طاهر الشريف المعارضون: د۰
ﴽ احمد صابر   Venue

Fri  18 April

Almultaqa: (In Arabic)    مناظرات الملتقى (٣)  Venue  

Sun 13 April 


Arabic Book Fair Set to Sizzle! Learning Arabic is fun! And not just for kids - Come and Visit London�s First Arabic Book Fair: - Over 30 children�s Publishers under one roof - The leading Arabic learning technology -The Talking Pen (the pen reads books to children in Arabic) - Reading Corner for children - Gather round and let your imagination run wild with special reading sessions throughout the day. There may even be some singing! (TBC) - The renowned Dr Imran Alawiye will be holding special introductory Arabic classes at the Arabic Book Fair (free) - Kalimat will display their new collection of fantastic children�s books at the Fair -- be the first to see them!  - British Council Publishers� award nominee Thuraya Batterjee (Kadi & Ramadi Publishing house) exhibiting her exceptional range of children�s books at the Fair - Gourmet section - world-famous Chef Ramzi will be present between 10-12 for an exclusive book signing - Chef Joudie and her Michelin star experienced team � exclusive caterers to the event - come taste their creations at the Fair.
Special offers on Arab News publications, Movies, Music and much more������

The event will be opened by HRH Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al-Qassimi, hosted by the Federation of London Arabic Schools
Time: 10am � 5pm
Venue: Royal College of Art � Jay Mews � Kensington SW7 - Parking is free on a yellow Line
�2 on the web - �5 at the door (Free entry for under-12s) 
Read more at our Website and book online

Sat 12 April 

Come and meet the writers of Living Islam Out Loud.
5.30 � 7.30pm � Saturday 12 April 2008
St Ethelburga�s, 78 Bishopsgate. London, EC2N 4AG 

Living Islam Out Loud is an inspiring series of stories by American Muslim women, who are sharing their worlds, by writing about identity, spirituality, relationships, activism, hijab and so much more. 
Come and meet some of the American Muslim women that were selected to talk about the experiences that have shaped their lives so far.

RSVP by 9 April to Taryn Khanam on britbangla(AT)
Faith Matters is a not for profit consultancy, dedicated to finding innovative solutions to overcome negative stereotypes and build bridges between all communities. - 0207 485 1704 - michelle(AT)
(Click here for more details)

Fri  11 April

Almultaqa: (In Arabic)    كيف يقرﴽ  العرب دورثى ليسنج ۰ إبراهيم فتحى Venue  

Wed  9 April

Sir Hilary Synnott: Discusses his new book: BAD DAYS IN BASRA: My turbulent time as Britain's man in Southern Iraq
Venue: Arab British Chamber of Commerce, 43 Upper Grosvenor Street, Lodnon, W1K 2NJ.
Nearest Underground: Bond Street / Green Park.
Time:6.30pm - It is on a first come, first seated basis.

Sat 5 April


London International Documentary Film Festival 
Saturday, 5 April 2008, 15:55�16:57
British Museum , Stevenson Theatre, Great Russell Street London WC1B 3DG (nearest tube Tottenham Court Rd)
The film festival offers an array of excellent films, full programme here.  (Admission �3.00) Of special interest are �Four Short Films� being shown back to back:

Hiding Place (Director: Sarvenaz Ghazanfar, 2006 , UK , 8min) 
The director, a Persian Canadian, grew up in Iran during the country�s war with Iraq . 19 years after she left, she goes back to interview her childhood friends and share memories of growing up in a war zone.
Hammoudi (Director: Anwar Saab, 2007 , Lebanon , 10min)
Mo hammad is a young boy who was badly injured by one of the thousands of cluster bombs that now litter Lebanon . He lost both his legs in the blast, but now fights, with amazing good humour, to live the life of a normal young boy.
: All Flights Cancelled (Director: Katia Saleh , 2006 , UK , 22min)
During the stifling summer of 2006, Beirut-born film maker Katia Saleh documented the month-long war between Israel and Hezbollah that left ordinary Lebanese families in a state of chaos, fleeing their homes for shelter in overcrowded schools and hospitals. Meanwhile, those who still had electricity were receiving graphic email images of the victims � all deemed too shocking to be broadcast at the time. Amid the chaos, the director and her mother face the difficult choice of whether to stay in the country or try to get a precious foreign visa and leave.
Tunnel Trade (Director: Laila El-Haddad, Saeed Taji Farouky, 2007, Palestine/UK, 22min)
Tunnel Trade is an exclusive look at Gaza �s smuggling economy � from the perspective of the people who run it. Filmed in May 2007 during some of the Gaza Strip�s most intense fighting, it explores how a handful of individuals from Rafah have gone underground to achieve illicitly what politics otherwise makes impossible.


Fri  4 April

Almultaqa: (In Arabic)   ندوة مفتوحة  Venue  



Fri  28 Mar

Almultaqa: (In Arabic)  الثقافه الشفاهيه و البصريه ۰ حسين السكافى Venue  

Fri  21 Mar

Almultaqa: (In Arabic)   No Meeting - Good Friday   

Thurs 20 - 
Thurs 26 Mar

New British landscape: An new exhibition in London directed by Osama Jalili

New British Landscape
Curated by osama Jalili
New British Landscapes places work from emerging and established artists together. The differing ways in which each has dealt with issues of context and environment provide points of discussion. The exhibition contains paintings, photography, drawing and sculpture. New British Landscapes continues the Takecourage Gallery approach of providing an open and free platform for artists and curators to explore ideas.

Accompanying the exhibition is New British Landscape - essays and additional Material. The short booklet of written responses consists of condensed tracts exploring concerns of context and the representation of landscape, presented as prose, poetry and philosophy, with contributors drawn from many levels and disciplines and online.

New British Landscapes - essays and Additional Material will be available at the exhibition and online.

Sami Jalili is Director of Exhibitions at London's premise27, and continues to draw upon his postgraduate academic background in philosophy, politics and art theory in his writing and curating.
takecourage Gallery
/ Email:
Dates: Thurs 20th - Thurs 26th March

Takecourage Gallery
Upstairs, The Amersham Arms
388 Amersham Road
, New Cross, London, SE14 6TY
Trains: Overground trains to New cross
- Buses: 177 / 225 / 436 / 21 / 53 / 136 / 171 / 172


Fri  14 Mar

Almultaqa: (In Arabic)   Who remembers women? Who speaks for Shari a Dr. Haifaa Khalafallah   Venue  

Sat 8 Mar

Israel has launched a massacre and 'holocaust' against Palestinians in Gaza
Bradford Protest
Saturday 8th March at 2 pm
Starts at: A rally to protest against the Israeli massacres in Gaza will start from the Richmond Building at Bradford University (Great Horton Road) (assemble at 1:30pm) and proceed to the City Centre..

6-9 Mar


Second Palestinian Trade Fair 
venue: at the Arab British Chamber of Commerce.  
Open Invitation: You are invited to support the Palestinian competitive economy at this critical juncture of our peoples struggle for self-determination and freedom. Prof. Manuel Hassassian, Palestinian General Delegate to the UK. More details are available in the enclosed attached leaflet.


Fri  7 Mar

Almultaqa: (In Arabic)   ندوة مفتوحة  Venue  

Mon  3 Mar

Health and environmental catastrophe in Iraq :What could be done?
Seminar with a film and panel discussion:
Organised by Solidarity for Independent Unified Iraq (SIUI)
6 -8 pm - Monday 3rd March 2008
Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre,
University of London , Thornhaugh Street , Russell Square , London , WC1H 0XG .
Haifa Zangana - Author and activist, Marion Birch -Executive Director , MEDACT,  Nicholas Wood - Author and Activist; Lubna Samara - Arab Media watch;  Jonathan Stevenson- Justice for Iraq Working Group.

A film on effects of Depleted Uranium use in Iraq , followed by discussion of what we in Europe can do about the deadly dust, its multiple Chernobyl-like effects, and the increasing use of Controlled Burn.

  • �Women giving birth in Basra , no longer ask, is it a boy or a girl, they ask is it normal�- Film
  • �350 contaminated sites due to US bombing�- Narmin Othman-Iraqi Minister for Environment - 23 July 2007
  • �The use of DU munitions violates International law and International Humanitarian Law.� - International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms

Sponsored by SOAS London Middle East Institute


1 Mar


Parallax Media: Institut Francais & Leighton House Museum - received from Arab Media Watch
Subject: Al- Khitab � Tala Tutunji and Habiboun- Houria Niati in 'A Journey to a Destination of Unknown Splendour:from Andalusian to Modern Times '
Time: 7.00 for 7.30pm
Venue: Leighton House Museum - No. 12 Holland Park Rd London W14 8LZ
(performance to end at 9.00pm followed by a reception)
Remarks: Starting with the Moorish musical achievements of Al-Andalus; a selection of songs
attributed to the great ninth century composer Ziryab Ibn Nafi followed by the Cantigas De Santa Maria attributed to King Alfonso the X El Sabio. Taking the audience through a silk road of fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth century Arabic compositions. Finally, residing in the diverse Contemporary compositions by renowned composers including Bushra El -Turk, Tarek Younis and Elia Khoury. 
Al -Khitab and Habiboun perform internationally for the purpose of increasing awareness and appreciation for Arabic music and heritage. This is achieved by blending the Arabic voice, violin with the Western guitar, piano, and percussion. The intense melodic energy coming from the Arabic vocal line and instruments is contrasted by the rhythmic energy from the piano, guitar and percussion.
In our previous musical concert 'AL HURREIH- FREEDOM' we had promised you beauty, outstanding talent and sheer enchantment. The testimony of those who attended confirms that we had indeed delivered. (examples of their feedback is attached). Perhaps the most poignant moment was the call on the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) which echoed a young Muslim woman's voice, answering a call on Santa Maria by an opera male vocalist. It had a magical impact within the serenity of a beautiful church lit by hundreds of flickering candles, declaring no limits to excellence and no monopoly on genius and talents.
At a time when anti Arab/Muslim sentiments are being ruthlessly fed and fanned, portraying a cultural image is crucial, not only in defence of our culture, but mainly to work on pacifying extremism in the societies we live in, as well as within our own communities. This can best be achieved by supporting objective rational approaches to tackle these dangerous trends that are threatening our very existence. 
Our musical concert comes as a finale to 'Women's Cinema from Tangiers to Tehran Film Festival' in which Arab Media Watch is also actively organizing with the above institutions and others. The festival will start on Friday 22nd and ends on Thursday the 28th of February 2008. the full programme is enclosed & early booking advised.
This is a unique festival of award winning films from Morocco to Iran by female directors, with special Previews of CARAMEL (Nadin Labaki) and PERSEPOLIS (Marjane Satrapi), with the voices of Chiara Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve. Premiere screenings will be held of the film 'Cut and Paste' (Hala Khalil) featuring actress HananTurk, and many others. A special concert and talk with the singer-songwriter Souad Massi and director Yamina Benguigi. A Film Symposium will also be held. Attached is the programme in full to help you choose and book the events you would like to attend. You can also view the programme on our web at

�25 & �20 - Leighton House has a limited seating capacity of 120. Early booking is advisable. If you send your cheque � payable to A. M. WATCH Ltd with a self addressed envelope either to AMW's address or to: No. 1 Ennismore street, - London SW7 1JB
I shall send you the tickets by return of mail. For further information call me on: 07956 581 813.

Sat 1 Mar


n60 logo In association with SOAS Palestine Society and LSE SU Palestine Society
 Present: ORAL HISTORY DAY - free admission
 Please book in advance at: /



Tues 4 Mar
Sun 2 Mar
Birmingham & Manchester
Sat 1 Mar
Fri 29 Feb

Thurs 28 Feb 6.30pm


Eyewitness from Iraq and Lebanon - don't miss this unique opportunity.
Five years after the invasion of Iraq, two leading opponents of the US occupation from the Middle East are coming to Britain to talk about the reality of the War on Terror on the ground. The tour starts this Thursday and is a unique chance to hear leaders of the resistance discuss the war and the prospects for the opposition movements.

Ibrahim al-Moussawi:  is editor of the Hezbollah newspaper in Lebanon, al-Intiqad, and one of the key spokespeople for the popular resistance to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 2006. Ibrahim Mousawi is defying a campaign by David Cameron to keep him out of the country.

Hassan Juma'a
is President of the Iraqi Oil Workers Federation and a leader of the campaign to stop the US led privatisation of Iraqi oil.

They will be joined at the first meeting in London on Thursday by Tony Benn, journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Stop the War Coalition Convenor Lindsey German.
Venue in London: This meeting is at Friends Meeting House, Euston, London NW1 this Thursday, 28 February at 6.30pm.

After that the tour will go to:
Bristol (Friday 29 February),
Birmingham and Manchester (Saturday 1 March), 
Cambridge and Norwich (Sunday 2 March)
Cardiff (Monday 3 March)
Liverpool (Tuesday 4 March).

Fri  29 Feb

Almultaqa: (In Arabic)   الترجمه و القانون و المجتمع المتعدد الثقافات ۰ مجدى عباس  Venue  

London (Thurs 28 Feb 6.30pm


Fri  22 Feb 2008 

Almultaqa: (In Arabic) ندوة مفتوحة   Venue  

Wed  21 - 23 Feb 2008 

Exhibition: Morocco's Art Exhibition: Morocco's exotic rich beauty and culture is brilliantly portrayed in a colourful exhibition of Moroccan talents. This is London�s first major exhibition of Contemporary Moroccan Painting � Contemporary Moroccan Artists: From Casablanca to Cork Street. This unique event will showcase the work of ten of Morocco�s leading artists, and has been staged with the intention of highlighting the fruits of the burgeoning Contemporary Art movement in Morocco: a scene developed to a level so as to be worthy of being scrutinised beneath the London critical microscope, with its striking combination of traditional Islamic motifs fused with Western themes and creative processes. 
Artists participating: Malika Agueznay, Bachir Amal, Abderrahman Banana, Abdallah El Hariri, Mohamed Hamidi, Said Housbane, Wafaa Mezouar, Mohamee Mourabiti, Khalid Nadif, Abderrahman Rahoule 
Venue: The Gallery in Cork Street, 28 Cork Street � Mayfair, London W1S 3NG
Opening hours are from 10am to 6pm.

Wed 20 Feb- 2 Mar 2008 

Women's Cinema From Tangiers to Tehran: Presented by Arab Media Watch in association with Parallax Media & Institut Francais
The festival programme (pdf) is also available at

Tues  19 Feb 2008 


Title: Christian - Muslim Relations' and 'old politics, new actors
His Grace The Right Revd Bishop Riah Abu El-Assal
Time: 6.30 - 9pm
The Clore Lecture theatre, Huxley Building
Imperial college London , Exhibition Road South Kensington Campus London SW7 2AZ

Booking:RSVP to:Maha Shakarchi (Vice President, Arab Club) 07952 00 13 20


Tues  19 Feb 2008 

Lecture: "حوار مفتوح حول حضارة وتأريخ العراق القديم"
Organiser/Speaker: حضارة وتأريخ العراق القديم يستضيف المنتدى العراقي الدكتور فاروق ناصر الراوي (بروفسور اللغات القديمة والاثار) في ندوة بعنوان
Time: الساعة 7.00 مساءً
Venue: قاعة المركز البولوني في ھامرسميث, The Polish Centre, Malinowa Room, 238-246 King, Street, London W6 0RF, اقرب محطة أنفاق:Nearest underground station: Ravenscourt Park أو OR Hammersmith

Fri  15 Feb

Almultaqa: (In Arabic)    مناظرات الملتقى (٢) فضل وسيله لحل الصراع العربى الاسرائيلى وتحقيق السلام هو الاعتراف بإسرائيل و القبول بمشروعها فى الشرق الاوسط
المؤيدون: يحدد لاحقا المعارضون: ۰ ماجد الزير   Venue

Sat 9 Feb

End the siege
of Gaza !


Saturday 9 February, 4-6pm
Opposite 10 Downing Street , London




Fri  8 Feb

Almultaqa: (In Arabic)    حول تذوق الفن الاسلامى د۰ حمد مصطفى Venue  

Fri  1 Feb

Almultaqa: (In Arabic)  ﴽمسية شعريه الشاعر د۰ حسن إسماعيل  Venue  



Tues 29 Jan

Books and authors / speakers
Defeat: Why They Lost Iraq - by Jonathan Steele City of Widows: 
An Iraqi Woman's Account of War and Resistance - by Haifa Zangana 
Chair: Sharif Hikmat Nashashibi, AMW chairman 
Time: 6.45pm Venue: Arab-British Chamber of Commerce, 43 Upper Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London W1K 2NJ (next to US Embassy) 
"Defeat" will be on sale at a 35% discount. "City of Widows" will be on sale at a discount of just under 20%. Admission is free, but as spaces are limited and fill up fast, your name must be on the guestlist to guarantee entry. To put your name on the list, or if you are a member of the media and would like a review copy of either book, please contact For further details of the books and authors / speakers, please click on:

Sat 26 Jan

Demonstration and Candlelight Vigil: End the Siege on Gaza

Saturday, 26 January 2008, 16:00�18:00
Opposite 10 Downing Street , London (tube Westminster )


Sat 26 Jan

Join the protest Saturday 26 January 4-6 pm, Parliament, London:
Protest against the The human catastrophe deliberately inflicted on Gaza by western policies over the past two years is one of the great crimes of the century so far�. Jonathan Steele, Guardian 11 January: The Israeli army has closed all border crossings of the Gaza Strip since June 2006.  This total siege has created a humanitarian crisis, destroying the economy and violating the basic human rights of the Palestinian civilian population, particularly the rights to decent living conditions, health and education.

26 January has been declared a day of international solidarity. Join us in calling on our government to act to immediately lift the siege of Gaza.


Fri  25 Jan

Almultaqa: (In English)  The Good, The Bad & the Ugly of Cosmetic Surgery Mr Anthony Erian Venue  

Fri  25 Jan

Concert: Marcel Khalife,�performs in�an exclusive concert in London on 25th January�08. The concert is organised by Nakba60 Campaign �
Proceedings from the concert will contribute to the cost of�a number of educational and cultural events planned by the group during 2008. For more information about the Nakba60 Campaign and�for ticket bookings, visit our website at

Fri  18 Jan

Almultaqa: (In Arabic)   مفاهيم اسلامية: الفرق بين الدوله الدينيه والدوله الاسلاميه د۰ كمال الهلباوى Venue  

Fri  11 Jan

Almultaqa: (In Arabic)   الدور السياسى الايرانى فى الخليج د۰حسن عبد ربه المصرى Venue  

Fri  4 Jan

Almultaqa: (In Arabic)  محاضرة على عثمان التذكارية: صورة اوروبا لدى الكاتب العربى بروفسير رشيد العنانىVenue  


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