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Media in the UK:

Asharq Alawsat in English Observer (The current issue)
Arab Media Watch - English (also in French / Spanish)

Arabic Newspapers Online
Asharq Alawsat Arabic
Almasri Alyoum (Arabic)

NABA's Preliminary Report on the Arab Population in 2011 Cesus     (pdf file)
    Census 2011 in England - via NABA (National Association of British Arabs)    
    Arab Ethnic Profile Study 2004. NABA,  Dr Ismail Jalili    
    Information on Census 2011, issued in 2009    
Draft Questionnaire form for England
    Census 2011 in Scotland - via Fife Arab Society    

Draft Census (Scotland) Order: Follow-up to Discussion by Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee, 10 March 2010

Draft Census (Scotland) Order: Follow-up to Discussion by Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee, 10 March 2010 (2)

Draft Questionnaire form

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News and Information Pre 2010
Local Elections 4 May 2006
  Focus on NABA  


Press releases


  Messages on 11 January 2005 

(1)  Appeal for Arab Blood Donation
(2)  Surplus Hospital and Health Equipments for Iraqi Hospitals Appeal
(3)  Arab Population Study for the Purpose of 2011 Census
(4)  The Formation of the British Arabs Forum (BAF)
(5) Condolences to NABA Council Member Dr Shireen Al-Sahab

Medical Evidence to the Arab 'genocide'

There should be a limit to indecency, November 2004 Afif Safieh
British Arabs Demand: Stop the Massacres in Iraq and Gaza April 2004 
British Arabs Socked at Pictures of the Torture of Iraqis May 2004

Newsletter 10 February 2004:

1. The Inconvenience of History'
2. Press Release: Racism Manifested at Holocaust Day.
3. Harp of Ur Project Progress

NABA response to Kilroy-Silk Statement
Harp of Ur (1)  (2) 
Meetings with NATFHE/CRE - December 2003
Stand by Dr Wilkie
Bam Earthquake Disaster December 2003
Medical Books for Iraq
Edward Mitral Valve

Media Alert 9 October 2002
Metropolitan Police Authority Conference 'Together Against Terror'

Farewell to Afif Safieh from NABA, June 2005

Afif Safieh was the voice of Palestine in England, and he was also the voice of the Arab conscience.  Nobody could put the case for Palestine as well as Afif, that most erudite of diplomats who could hold an audience in the palm of his hand with his passion, his fluency and his vibrancy.  He has been the ‘peoples diplomat’, the model of a grass-root diplomat, a true representative of his people and an example to Arabs whilst being ‘one of us’.  Afif and his wife Christ’l will be the best gift Arabs can give to America and to the Palestinian cause but he will be dearly missed on the London and UK scene.

Dr Ismail al-Jalili
NABA Chairman