General Correspondence from NABA

2003 to 2005

NABA Condolences for the Tsunami Victims 3 January 2005
NABA Letter of Condolences on the death of President Arafat, Nov 2004
NABA's Letter to Professor Wilkie Nov 2003
Race Equality Officer, TUC to NABA June 2003
Survey on the impact of 11 September on Arab/Muslim American, 15 July 2003
Letter to the FCO re: Invitation of the Iraqi Symphony Orchestra Jan 2003
NABA Letter to Interested Parties March 2001

To Mr Maan bashour تجمع اللجان والروابط الشعبية -   لبنان 
The British Arabs convey their solidarity and support to the people of Lebanon against the aggression of Israel. We have no doubt the the Lebanese will unite in the face of this outrageous acts and the complete lack of any defence by the British and US governments. 

Dr Ismail al-Jalili
National Association of British Arabs

NABA Condolences for the Tsunami Earth Quake - 3 January 2005

NABA Chairman sent letters of condolences to the Ambassadors of to countries involved in the recent tsunami. Letters sent to: 

HE Mr Hasan Sobir, High Commissioner of the Republic of Maldive, 
HE Mr Edgardo B Espiritu, Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines
HE Mr Eddy Pratomo, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia
HE Mr Kamalesh Sharma, Office of the High Commissioner for India
HE Vikrom Koompirochana, Royal Thai Embassy

3 January 2005

Mr Hassan Sobir
Head of Mission
High Commission of the Republic of Maldive
22 Nottingham Place
London W1U 5NJ

Dear Mr Sobir

I write on behalf of British Arabs to extend to the Maldives Government and people our deepest condolences at the recent tragedy which has struck the Maldives.

The magnitude of the disaster and the ensuing human suffering has affected everyone and our most sincere sympathies are with the people of the Maldives at this very difficult time.

Yours sincerely

Ismail Jalili, FRCS FRCOphth
NABA Chairman & Secretary General


NABA Letter to the Foreign Office, Iraq Section re: Iraqi Symphony Orchestra

20 January 2004

   Mr Alastair Totty
   Political Section
   Iraq Policy Unit

   Foreign and Commonwealth Office

   King Charles Street


   SW1A 2AH


  Dear Mr Totty


I write to ask whether it would be possible for the Iraqi Symphony Orchestra o be officially invited to give a concert in the UK.  You may be aware that the Iraqi Orchestra has maintained itself under the most difficult circumstances over the past 15 years.  I understand that they have recently played in the USA and I believe that an invitation to visit and play in the UK would be greatly appreciated, not only by the Orchestra but also by the many British Arabs.


You may be aware that NABA has been heavily involved in a project being undertaken by Mr Andy Lowings of the Stamford Harp Festival to recreate the Harp of Ur.  Through NABA’s offices and contacts we have provided musicians, craftsmen and cedar wood from Iraq (brought this week through the kind offices of the RAF to the UK).  Such projects do help to lift the spirits of Iraqi’s both in the UK and abroad as would equally an official visit by the Iraqi National Orchestra.


Yours sincerely


Ismail Jalili FRCS FRCOphth

National Chairman


From Race Equality Officer, Equality & Employment Rights Department, Trades Union Congress

RMcKenzie@TUC.ORG.UK Mon Jun 9 19:01:26 2003

Dear Colleagues,

Just a brief note to thank you for a very interesting meeting last =

We agreed that the TUC would be as supportive as possible in raising the 
issues of under and mis-representation of British Arabs with the Government and with the media. I will, as agreed, also ask our 
International department what steps are being taken to raise the issue 
of the urgent need to rebuild Iraq.

I very much look forward to co-operating with you in the future.

Best wishes

Roger Mckenzie
Race Equality Officer
Equality & Employment Rights Department
Trades Union Congress
Congress House
Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3LS
Direct telephone line: 020 7467 1259
Fax: 020 7467 1333
Pager: 07625374963

TUC Website:


Request for information on the impact of September 11th on Arab/Muslim American Journalists 

From Tue Jul 15 00:08:20 2003

Hi everyone

I am hoping you can help me. I am trying to collect some data on what impact September 11th has had on Arab/Muslim American journalists both in the Arab ethnic and Muslim media and in the mainstream American media.

I'm interested in any personal experiences involving discrimination as a 
result of Sept. 11 and being a journalist (you won't be identified unless you want to be).

I am also interested in any information on newspapers that have closed since Sept. 11 (names, as much information as possible on when, description of the paper (English-or Arabic,etc) And, could you take a moment to complete these questions and reply back to me. The data will be compiled in one report (no names) again unless you don't mind being mentioned or quoted if you want ... and it will be distributed to 

Any information you have will be appreciated and kept in strictest 

NOTE: The survey comes in two parts, the beginning part for those who work in the Arab ethnic media, followed by questions for those who work in the mainstream American media.

Thank you
Ray Hanania


1. Your position: 
A. Editor, 
B. Publisher, 
C. Journalist, 
D. Reporter 
E. Publicist/communications
F. Other

2. Your field: 
A. Newspaper, 
B. Radio, 
C. TV, 
D. More than one

3. You work in: 
A. Arab/Muslim American Media (Predominantly or all English)
B. Arab/Muslim American Media (Predominantly or all Arabic)
C. Mainstream American media, 
D. Both 
E. Other

4. You are:
A. Arab (Christian or Muslim) heritage
B. Married to an Arab/Muslim
C. Muslim non-Arab
D. None of the above

5. Since Sept. 11th, how many personal incidents of discrimination would 
you say you have experienced that you considered "serious?"

A. Under 5
B. 5 -10
C. 11-25
D. More than 25
E. None

6. Since Sept. 11th, how many personal incidents of discrimination would 
you say you have experienced that you considered non-threatening or not-serious 
(all others from above)?

A. Under 5
B. 5 -10
C. 11-25
D. More than 25
E. None

7. What city do you live in?

8. How many Arab/Muslim American newspapers were published in your city 
(region) prior to Sept. 11?

9. How many Arab/Muslim American newspapers were published in your city 
(region) After Sept. 11?

10. Do you feel more or less secure in your career as a result of Sept. 11?

A. More secure
B. Less secure
C. No change


11. Have you ever published a newspaper/magazine, or hosted a Radio/TV show?

A. Yes, newspaper/magazine
B. Yes, Radio/TV
C. No

12. If Yes to #10, do you still publish your newspaper/magazine or host your radio/TV show?

A. Yes, newspaper/magazine
B. Yes, Radio/TV
C. No

13. If no, explain in as much detail as possible, why you stopped.

14. What was the major cause of your stopping your publication/broadcast:

A. Lack of advertising
B. Incidents of bigotry
C. Loss of resource (publisher for newspapers, broadcast facilities for 
D. Personal reasons unrelated to Sept. 11
E. Personal reasons motivated by Sept. 11
F. Other reasons: (List)

15. If you still publish your newspaper/magazine or host a Radio/TV show, 
has your advertising revenues

A. Increased significantly
B. Increased slightly
C. Dropped significantly
D. Dropped slightly
E. Remained the same

16. Did any or all of your advertisers react to Sept. 11 by:

A. Complain they were being harassed for appearing in your publication/or 
broadcast program
B. Express fear about being harassed for appearing in your publication/or 
C. Express more support for your efforts and increase their budgets
D. Reduced their budgets
E. Changes had nothing to do with post Sept. 11 anti-Arab/Muslim incidents
F. None of the above

17. Any additional comments:


18. Did Sept. 11 impact how fellow employees viewed you:

A. In a visible, negative manner
B. Very subtle, negative manner, but hard to prove
C. Mildly
D. Not at all
E. My status increased

19. Did you change jobs as a result of discrimination after Sept. 11th?

A. Yes, because of Sept. 11
B. Yes, but not related to Sept. 11
C. No, not at all

20. Did any supervisor lecture you on your views, activities or Arab/Muslim 

A. Yes, about being outspoken Arab/Muslim
B. Yes, told to watch myself
C. Yes, warned that I was being watched
D. Yes, but told they would support me and not tolerate bigotry or 
E. No changes or comments at all

21. Did any colleagues treat you differently?

A. Yes, more confrontational, suspicious
B. Yes, but only subtle, mild changes of bigotry
C. Yes, but were very supportive of me
D. No, not at all

22. Has your attitude changed about exploiting your heritage or religion to 
contribute to the overall goal of the organization where you work?

A. Yes, I am less likely to suggest a story about Arabs/Muslims
B. Yes, I am more likely to suggest a story about Arabs/Muslims
C. Yes, I am more fearful of working here
D. Yes, I am encouraged to suggest more and participate
E. No, not at all

Please add any additional information that you feel might help this survey 
assess the impact Sept. 11 has had on the Arab/Muslim media and communications 

Thank you
Ray Hanania


Chairman's Letter to Professor Wilkie

Dear Professor Wilkie

I am aware of the recent controversy surrounding your decision to reject=20
an application from an ex-Israeli soldier to study with you.

I applaud the stance you have adopted and I hope that the decision of the University to censure you does not cause you to lose heart as you have stood on a principle - the principle to uphold the values of human dignity and the plight of Palestinians.

I note that some of your colleagues have supported your approach which should serve as a reminder that you are not alone in your view. 

With our best wishes and regards

Yours sincerely

Dr Ismail Jalili


NABA's Condolences on the Death of President Arafat

13 November 2004

Mr A Safieh
Palestinian General Delegate to the
United Kingdom and to the Holy See
Palestinian General Delegation
5 Galena Road
London W6 0LT

Dear Afif

I write to extend to the Palestinian Delegation and to the Palestinian Nation the sincere condolences of the British Arabs Forum upon the death of President Yasser Arafat. His death will be sorely felt by all Arabs and history will rightly record his contribution to the goal of a free and secure Palestinian Nation.

Yours sincerely

Ismail Jalili


NABA to Interested Parties

5 March 2001

Dear Colleague

Thank you for your interest in the formation of the National Association of British Arabs. Details of the constitution are being finalised for an inaugural meeting and, in preparation for this, I attach a brief summary detailing the areas of interest which the consensus of opinion wish the Association to deal with. This is obviously only a brief survey and I should be grateful if you could take some time to go through this and add to it, or expand it in any way which you think fit and return a revised version to me so that by the time of our inaugural meeting we will have a basis for discussion.

In addition, I am attaching an application form and questionnaire for you to complete and return to me.  This is also intended to save valuable time at our first meeting by defining the interests of the members and the areas in which they would wish to contribute.  When the above has been finalised, I hope we can proceed to the elections of officers. One office, however, needs to be filled urgently and that is the Interim Treasurer. Please let me know if any of you are interested in filling this for the time being.

In order to cover the essential expenses involved in printing, postage etc I should be most grateful if you would return with your application form your annual subscription (an annual subscription fee of £30.00 for individuals and £50.00 for family membership has been set provisionally but any higher contributions will be most welcome and much needed). Cheques should be made payable to ‘National Association of British Arabs’ or ‘NABA’.

Also, should you know any enthusiasts who are willing to sponsor some activities such as mail shots; meetings etc, please let me know.

Best wishes and kind regards

Yours sincerely
Ismail Jalili

Invitation letter
Letter of intent
Application form
Standing order mandate