Letters to NABA

2003 - 2005

This is a selection of some of the heavy email we receive from individuals from all over the world. We apologise that we could include all the letters on the websites. Please let us know if you feel that your letter should have been included.


From India: A request for Information on Arab media in Britain from Mohammed Nasir
A.M. Qattan Foundation - from Yasmine Gaspard
Suggested Links from Alison Klevnas 13 January 2005
On Jenny Tongue from Len Aldis January 2003 
INEAS: On Arab Blood in the UK December 2004
London Civic Forum Newsletter 2003
From British International Doctors Association from 
Anand Ahuja
Concerns on the Supplies and Donations to Iraq -  April 2003
Congratulations to Focus on NABA (1)
Letter from Arsenal Football Club
Eye Clinic in Karkalla
Edward Said, Obituary, PRC
Harp of Ur and Kurdish Songs, Tara Jaff - Nov 2003   
Harp of Ur plus Mohamed Aljanabi 23 December 2003
Model Arab League at SOAS, Nov 2003
Hamid Al-Attar Exhibition, Ayad Gallery, London March 2003
TUC, EU & International Relations Department to NABA, May 2003
Requests for Assistance  (1)  (2)  (3)
Malicious email and a letter from a friend
I want to apply to NABA

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Arab Media in Britain - Request for Information

NABA received a letter from Mohammed Nasir, a researcher at the Centre of Arabic and African Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru, New Delhi, India, under the supervision of Professor Rizwan Rahman of the same centre.  He is seeking information to help him in writing a book on 'The Development of Arabic Media in the UK'. He welcomes any available information including any articles, published books, etc on the subject. His book encompass chapters on Arabs in the UK, background of Arabic media in the UK, comparison of British Arab media with those of Arab world and development of Arabic media in the UK. Can you help?

Please directly contact Mohammed Nasir

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The A.M. Qattan Foundation

Dear Sirs,

Would it be possible for you to add our UK registered charity as a link on 
your website under Arab Organisations?

The A.M. Qattan Foundation

Thanking you in advance,

Yours sincerely,
Yasmine Gaspard
A.M. Qattan Foundation
5 Princes Gate
London SW7 1QJ
Tel: +44 (0)20 7581 8774
Fax: +44 (0)20 7581 0741
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Suggested links
To: mail@naba.org.uk
From: Alison Klevnas <ali@klevnas.net>
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 13:07:17 +0000


Good to see the website up and running. Here are some links you might like to include:

www.iraqanalysis.org (new organisation recently set up by members of the Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq CASI).

www.notesfrompalestine.net (insightful weblog by recent Cambridge graduate Mika Minio-Paluello, who lives in Nablus, Palestine).

www.balatacamp.net (the project which Mika works on in the Balata refugee camp, Nablus. Includes a 'film collective' run by young Palestinians, who produce short films about life in the camp. The project hopes to organise a theatre/dance tour to the UK this summer.)

Thanks, Alison
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Dr Jenny Tongue Letter,

Dear Friend

Thank you for copying onto me your letter re Jenny Tongue.

I went to the Lobby for Palestine. unfortunately could not get into the
evening meeting where Dr Tongue Spoke. 

However, I saw her interview on Newsnight and yesterday morning wrote and
emailed Dr Tonge a letter of support. Please see attachment. Also emailed
Charles Kennedy asking him to support her. will send this onto you.


Len Aldis
Address and telephones given

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23rd January 2004

Dr Jenny Tongue MP 
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

Dear Dr Tonge,

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your comments supporting the people of Palestine in their struggle to remove the occupation forces from their land.   

I witnessed your interview on Newsnight last night and must express my disgust at the way you were continually interrupted while answering the question asked of you.  It was clear you were expressing the views of many, including both Palestinians and Israeli.

I have long held the view that it is not a crime to use any method to defend your country and to remove the forces that occupy it.  But this is nothing new.  It was a policy we supported during WWII when Nazi Germany occupied many European countries.  We also armed the people of the underground movement.  We did not accuse them of being terrorists.

In attacking the occupying forces many innocent people of these occupied countries were killed, as were those who were killed in the bombing raids carried out in WWII.  It is what happens in WAR.

Unlike the Israeli forces the Palestinians do not have British and U.S. Tanks, Helicopters, Fighterplanes and bombers, nor are they funded by billions of US$ dollars.

I have been travelled to Lebanon and visited a number of the Palestinian Refugee Camps.  There are over 400,000 refugees of all ages, from those who fled in 1948, to their sons and daughters, and their sons and daughters.  People who have been denied the right to return to their homeland.   

Can I raise with you one other point that is often forgotten.  When Israeli forces bomb, invade refugee camps in Gaza and West Bank, kill, kidnap Palestinians, they are in fact bombing and invading United Nations territory, yet there is no outcry at this.

If a Palestinian were to bomb, invade an illegal Israeli settlement on Palestinian land they are called terrorists!

Thanks again for your statement; I hope you will continue to speak out for Justice for the Palestinian People.

Yours sincerely

Len Aldis

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INEAS on Arab Blood in the UK

The report we are forwarding below informs about the availability of blood by Arabs in the United Kingdom's hospitals and blood banks. If you have similar information, statistics about the subject
matter in other parts of Europe, USA, Canada and Australia, please forward the information to us, so that we compile and make it available to the public in general and the Arab communities in particular.

See report below.

Coming your way from the
Institute of Near Eastern & African Studies (INEAS)
P.O. Box 425125
Cambridge, MA 02142 USA
Email: INEAS@mail.INEAS.org
Website: http://www.INEAS.org

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Subject: Model Arab League @ SOAS

From: "ELIJAH OWEN" <***@soas.ac.uk>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 11:00:19 +0000

Dear Sir or Madame,

I am writing to seek the support from NABA regarding a project beginning at SOAS entitled Model League of Arab States.  We are planning to create delegations for the purpose of competition in wor=
ld league competitions, research of the League in its Middle East setting, the ability to empower the league, etc. We have been granted the support of the London Middle East Institute and would like to know if NABA would have an interest in supporting this project.

Thank you for your time.

Elijah E. Owen
Publications & Marketing Officer
The London Middle East Institute
School of Oriental and African Studies
Thornhaugh Street
Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG, UK
Tel: 020 7898 4490
Fax: 020 7898 4329
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From British International Doctors Association

To: naba@BritishArabs.com
From: Anand Ahuja <odanews@hotmail.com>
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 13:21:28 +0000

Dear Dr. Jalili,

thank you for your information which is important and relevant to most ethnic minority drs. 

BIDA News Review is published every 2 months and the next issue will be in members' hands in the first week of Sept. I will present your letter to Editorial committee for consideration to print. It is the Ed. Comm. that has the final say. Do you feel your communication will still be relevant then? It would also be helpful if your communiqué was much shorter and more precise. We of course reserve right to edit.

Yours sincerely,

Anand Ahuja 
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Concerns on the Supplies and Donations to Iraq -  April 2003

There are concerns regarding the way humanitarian aids and donations to Iraq are being organised. These seem to be generally following the American policies and the American ports of entries to Iraq (i.e South and West) which are not only dangerous and insecure but also under political control. There are risks associated with this policy as the humanitarian aids can be used for political purposes by the occupiers if the the supply routs are under control. Already an Israeli military administration is being prepared for the south of Iraq and an oil pipeline to Israel via Jordan. Already israeli soldiers of Iraqi origin are controlling the propaganda game in the Basrah region in American uniforms. How can you 
ever trust supplies under any American name ? How do you see that the Iraqis will trust them? These will be used to impose further sanctions on the Iraqis if they resist or refuse to co-operate. These policies will be equally malicious to the policies against the Palestinians and you are co-operating !
I have contacted recently Doctors world wide and the International Red Cross that a route via Iran is also possible. I found them reluctant to use this route despite it being short and relatively safe because it is not under an American control and in anticipation that all donations will be under an American identity which will make the Iranians reluctant to accept them! But why should all donations be under American 
identity? Who kill and send flowers to the funeral? A word of caution to Arabic organisations in the UK and the AMA: Please watch were you are going.

Dr May Arnaot
Address and email supplied
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From Dr Khalid Al Mubarak

Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2003 01:34:51 EST
From: Al....@

Many congratulations Dr. Jalili . I have received your Focus newsletter. If this is just the beginning one can imagine what the future holds . Sorry I was not able to help in the past weeks. 

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From Martin Short

M.J.Short <M...t@.com>

6 March 03

Dear Dr Ismail Jalili & Colleagues,

Please accept my congratulations and thanks for setting up NABA. I write
immediately after reading Focus on NABA, as delivered here this morning
with the magazine of the Arab Club of Great Britain. Focus on NABA is a
most welcome publication and I share all the sentiments expressed within...
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From Arsenal Football Club

dtolhurst@arsenal.co.uk Mon Feb 3 20:25:53 2003

Dear Doctor Anthony,

Thank you very much for your recent enquiry.

With regards to the event in question, there was no official Arsenal Football Club representative at the function at the Savoy Hotel on 22nd January 2003.

Arsenal Football Club has players, directors, staff and hundreds of thousands of supporters who come from countries all over the world and have widely differing religious beliefs and political views. This is something which we understand and respect.

The Club does not favour any particular country, religion or political stance. This is illustrated by the variety of our work in the 'Arsenal Community', where we deliver football coaching and education programmes in our local area and all over the world.

Yours sincerely,

On Behalf of Arsenal Football Club
30th January 2003
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Eye Clinic in Karkalla

From: Karim A G <coffee@euro-comm.co.uk>

Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 08:41:06 +0000


Karkalla is a city of 500,000 about 100 km south of Baghdad. It is the main religious center and a few million pilgrims visit the city annually from all over the world.

The main hospital in Karkalla, the Hussaini Hospital, has an eye clinic which provides basic services and is supplied by the Ministry of Health. Like most other government hospitals, the department is rundown and there is an immediate need for a better equipped eye clinic in the city.

IRAC representative spoke to the Head of the Health Directorate, Dr Saad Nasrawi, and to the eye specialist, Dr Hussain Al-Tufaili. It was recommended that a separate eye clinic be set up and equipped to complement the services provided at the Hussaini hospital and be run as charitable clinic. The Health Directorate would provide a suitable building near the city centre;.


The project is to set up a charitable non-profit eye clinic in the city of Karkalla, Iraq. The clinic will be located in a building close the city centre that would be made available by the Health Directorate near two other clinics. The project covers furnishing the building and equipping the clinic with the equipment listed in the input. Minimum fees will be charged to cover staff salaries and other running costs to maintain sustainability of the project.


Refurbishment of the building will take about one month. All equipment and instruments are available locally and will be purchased during the first month except the Argon laser which should be ordered from outside.

To donate by credit card you may go to: https://secure.webstar.co.uk/lft/donate.php 
For details of the Trust's account you may go to: http://www.ladyfatemahtrust.org/donate.php 
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On Edward Said

The full text-On Edward Said-Memorial event Friends House, London November 6, 2003.
From: Palestinianuk@aol.com, Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 05:47:18 -0500

Edward was profoundly Palestinian. Edward was totally cosmopolitan.  Edward was the universal intellectual par excellence. I still remember his devastating critique of Samuel Huntington's "Clash of civilisations" in which he argued that even the city-states of Ancient Greece owed a lot and borrowed much from those they considered "barbarians". That the Roman Empire was, by its very nature, a pluri-ethnical multi-cultural society. On the basis of this vision of the constant cross-fertilisation of cultures and civilisations, I believe that Edward Said was our Palestinian contribution to the international intellectual landscape, our Palestinian input in contemporary political thought. Edward was a charming private person.  Edward was an immensely charismatic public figure.  For Christ'l and I, Edward was a very close and dear friend since 1978 when we met in Beirut.  He had just published "Orientalism" which was hailed more as an event rather than simply one more book.  In academic circles, there will always be "a before Orientalism" and "an after Orientalism". Is there a contradiction due to the fact that Edward was a severe critic of the Palestinian National Authority and my being here to pay tribute to his legacy and to his memory? Not at all.  Edward and I agreed, years ago, that the Palestinian people had neither the authority they deserve nor the opposition they need. We agreed, years ago, that the P.L.O. was at the same time an idea and an institution.  I happen to represent the institution. I hope with dignity.  He was the powerful vehicle of the idea.  And ideas are immortal.  One of Edward's favourite thinkers, Antonio Gramsci wrote brilliantly about the special relationship between intellectuals and the oppressed: "those who think because they suffer and those who suffer because they think".  An opinion as though tailored specially for Edward.  The fact that today supporters of Palestinian aspirations are no more a marginal minority but belong to the mainstream in Europe owes much to Edward's prolific writing and his tireless lecturing.  Edward would have been delighted by the results of the opinion poll conducted by the European Commission which showed that 59% of European public opinion consider Israeli policies and practices to be the greatest threat to world peace.  Of course the pro-Israeli inquisition will try, through their usual intellectual terrorism, to drag in the mud those who undertook the poll and those whose opinions it expressed, yet the message from European public opinion is clear: -Anti-semitism today is the persecution of  Palestinian society by the Israeli state. It is the constant American alignment on the Israeli preference that is poisoning international relations. -It is the collusion between the Israeli and the American agendas that has put America on a collision course with the Arab and the Muslim World.  

The European governments are too timid, insufficiently assertive, too complacent in their dealings with an Israel that daily violates international law and defies the international will. All through his life, Edward denounced both Judeophobia and Islamophobia.  He never indulged in comparative victimology or martyrology.  He never volunteered mechanisms and methods to measure pain or to quantity suffering.  If I were a Jew or a Gypsy, the Holocaust would be the most horrible event in History.  If I were a Black African it would be Slavery and Apartheid. If I were a Native American, it would be the
discovery of the New World by European explorers and settlers that resulted in near total extermination.  If I were an Armenian it would be the Ottoman-Turkish massacres.  And if I happen to be a Palestinian, it would be the Nakba-Catastrophe. No one people has a monopoly on human suffering.  It is not advisable to try to establish a hierarchy of suffering. Humanity should consider all the above as morally repugnant and politically unacceptable.  And humanity is increasingly beginning to express its adhesion to the principle that there is only one mankind and not different kinds of men and women. This too we all owe to Edward Said. The last time I met Edward was at his keynote speech at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) on the January 29, 2003. It was followed by a small dinner, in his honour, nowhere else but in The British Museum.  Knowing that the end was near, I felt that the place was extremely well chosen to pay tribute to a living monument, a roving encyclopaedia.  If ever we the Palestinians were to have, like in Paris, a Pantheon of our own "for those to whom the nation is indebted", it is undeniably there that Edward Said would belong. Bing  Crosby, the singer, said of Frank Sinatra: " such a voice happens only once in a lifetime.  Why the hell did it have to happen during my lifetime?". Edward, we are all proud, we all feel immensely privileged that you "happened" during our lifetime. 

Afif Safieh 
Palestinian General Delegate to the United Kingdom and to the Holy See. 
palestinianuk@aol.com.  www.palestinianuk.org
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Harp of Ur and Kurdish Songs, Tara Jaff - Nov 2003

From: "tara jaff" <****f@hotmail.com>

Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 17:46:44 +0000

Dear Dr. Jalili

I was forwarded an e-mail from Maysaloun Faraj on the reconstruction of the Sumerian Harp for the Stamford harp Festival. I am a harpist and singer, and from Iraq. I have adapted the celtic harp to 
Kurdish songs and am probably the only Iraqi to do so. I have been interested in the idea of reconstructing the Sumerian harp and might be able to help. Can you please give my contacts to Andy Lowings, the director of the harp festival:

Looking forward to your response

Tara Jaff

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From Mohamad Aljanai to NABA

Dear Mr Ismail Jalili

Thank you for your email regarding the Harp of Ur project.
My name is Mohamad Aljanabi, I am from Iraq (Basrah), currently living >in the UK (Manchester). I have studied Architecture in the UK. I might be able to help in this project as I have experience and great deal of >interest in historic, cultural and art subjects. I was around twelve years old when my late father started teaching me how to draw Islamic geometric patterns and mosaics which in turn lead me to learn Arabic Calligraphy. Over the years I have acquired several skills which is >closely related to my main interest (Calligraphy and Islamic Art) such >as using colours and gilding which is a very important skill associated with calligraphy, carving in plaster, the use of wood and wood veneering, again these skills are closely related to geometric pattern art and mosaic.

You can see some of my work in my website http://www.arabesco.co.uk, all the art work in the website is designed by myself. The site is only a very small sample of an exhibition I made when I was studying Architecture in 1982, and I am gradually trying to implement my exhibition on the internet.

I will be able to send you some images as a sample of my work, like a veneered table and other images. I also made  the Mihrab in Didsbury Mosque in Manchester.

Also I would like to add that I have at least two photographs for the Harp of Ur and other historical objects from Ur. I have took these photographs myself  in the Iraqi Museum almost twenty five years ago on my last visit to Iraq. These photos are on slides and I will make copies of them if they are of any help to the project.

Best regard.
Mohamad Aljanabi

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Subject: Al- Iraq - Hamid al-Attar Exhibition 

From: "ayagallery.co.uk" <info@ayagallery.co.uk>, Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003

a y a g a l l e r y proudly presents A l - I r a q, A timely exhibition by the prolific Iraqi Artist Hamid al-Attar 1 April - 21 June 2003. This unique and powerful presentation of Hamid al-Attar's disturbing and
haunting images illustrates vividly the 'story' of Iraq, its history and the turmoil of the present day 
To view some of the artworks please visit www.ayagallery.co.uk.

Visits to ayagallery are by appointment. To make an appointment of for further information please contact: Maysaloun Faraj

T +44 (0) 207 371 5050 or +44 (0) 207 381 2722
F +44 (0) 207 371 8080
E info@ayagallery.co.uk

Biographical Notes
Born in Kerbala, Iraq, 1935, Hamid al-Attar graduated with a degree in Law, 1955. Subsequently, he studied painting in Baghdad, West Berlin and Cairo where he achieved a High Diploma in Art Criticism from the University of Cairo. Al-Attar was a founding member of the Society of Iraqi Plastic Arts which was established in1956. An honorary member of the Union of Fine Arts, Damascus, Syria, where he exhibited at the Peoples' Hall in 1983. Awarded the Honorary Prize at the Cagne-sur-Mer International Festival, France. Participated in major exhibitions organised by the Union of Iraqi Artists, important group shows outside Iraq as well as the recent groundbreaking touring exhibition Strokes of Genius: Contemporary Iraqi Art (UK & USA 2000-2003. The artist has been living in Surrey, England.

a y a g a l l e r y
15 Fulham High Street
London SW6 3JH
United Kingdom

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From: "Simon Steyne" <*****@TUC.ORG.UK>

Dear Colleagues

Thank you for your email and your interest in our delegation. Owen Tudor, the Head of our EU and International Relations Department has asked me to reply. We are in discussions with our Palestinian and Israeli counterparts who will be our hosts and are arranging our visit. We will also meet Afif Safieh, Palestinian General Delegate to the UK, before our departure. I am sure he will be able to advice us of the key concerns from the perspective of the Palestinian Authority. Perhaps it would be possible for us to meet at a later date, but it will be difficult for us to arrange a time to meet you before we go due to the 
diary commitments here. However, we would be pleased to receive any information you would like us to draw to the attention of the delegation.

With best wishes

Simon Steyne
TUC International Officer
UK Worker Member of the ILO Governing Body
EU & International Relations Department
TUC, Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS
Telephone (direct): + 44 20 7467 1279 =20
Fax (direct): + 44 20 7467 1211
e-mail: ssteyne@tuc.org.uk    website: www.tuc.org.uk

Check out www.tuc.org.uk/globalisation
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Request for Assistance (1) 

: os***@hotmail.com Thu Dec 19 19:25:38 2002




WITH REGARDS MR AHMAD (Surname withheld for confidentiality)
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Request for Assistance (2) 

From F. C. I

<***@hotmail.com> writes

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a PhD candidate studying Middle Eastern politics at the University of Durham in the United Kingdom. I have recently taken a year of absence >from my program to search for employment and scholarship opportunities that are available for a Canadian citizen of Middle Eastern descent. I am >interested in applying for any available scholarships that you may have. Also, I have included my resume with this email correspondence as an attachment. If I qualify would you please be kind enough to forward the relevant documentation.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hear from you.

All the best,

(Name provided)

Thank you for your recent email. I am sorry that NABA does not have=20
scholarships or bursaries at present.  It is something we are hoping to do in the future. In the interim I would suggest you contact the British Council who, in addition to their own funding budget may also have a list of other sources of funding.

I wish you good luck in your endeavours


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From Sharon Willis <email given>

To: "N A B A" 

Greetings, Dr Jalili,

Thank you so much for your trouble. I have no doubt that NABA exercises
appropriate cautions when sending out emails.

My concerns arises from an experience I had a few months ago, wherein a
version of the Klez worm got into my address book and started sending people
in my address book the worm, ostensibly from *others* in my address book.
Meaning that there was a false name in the "From" line, making tracking of
the worm impossible.

I was concerned that someone with NABA in their address book (not NABA
itself) could have contracted the worm and send it out with NABA's name in
the "From" line...

I hope all that makes sense. NABA's email accountability was never in
question... although I suppose I could have just emailed you and asked you,
"Is this really from you?" and your affirmative would have taken care of

Oh, well. Thank you again, and I shan't trouble you further.

All the very best,


Thank you

Please find attached the text, although not every thing being copied.
NABA's emails are screened automatically by **** antivirus program

The following warning was issued by NABA (2003)

It has been drown to our attention that some malicious emails using NABA address are being sent to various individuals and organisation with malicious messages and viruses. NABA has reported this to the police but we should be most grateful if you could let us know if you receive any suspicious email claiming it is from Arab organisation. All our electronic mail is double checked an our advanced daily updated antivirus software and by our internet provider. NABA has been maliciously targeted by those who do not wish to hear the voice of truth and on many occasions email was sent to people we do not have their email addresses.   

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From Salah Mahmoud: On 2003-03-10

Congratulations, and thank you for setting up such a needed organization.

Is there a committee steering the Association?
Will there be elections?
What is the annual subscription?

Best Rgds

Q1: Yes, there is an executive committee. (names have been included in the revised version of the website).

Q2: Elections take place in the form of distribution of responsibilities depending on the need and usually on yearly basis at the AGM. 

Q3: The annual subscription was initially set at £25.00 per year but is flexible. It is now done as donations depending on the ability of the member.  Exemption is given to those who cannot afford to pay.
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