NABA (British Arabs) - Letter to Mr Gordon Brown, The Prime Minister

28 June 2007

Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear Mr Brown

I write on behalf of the National Association of British Arabs to extend our warmest congratulations to you on becoming Prime Minister. We trust that you will have a successful term in office.

The National Association of British Arabs (British Arabs Community Interest Company) works to raise the profile of British Arabs who are a forgotten minority within the UK. We work with government bodies and the public sector to try and raise awareness of the cultural heritage of British Arabs and the valuable contributions they have made to life in the UK through the professions, commerce and business.

I would like to take this opportunity to raise our major concerns which were not addressed by previous administrations.

1. Exclusion of secular groups by the previous cabinet where full emphasis was on religious and colour rather than ethnicity and culture. This has had a detrimental effect in raising the profile and empowering religious extremism at the expense of the silent majority. I am attaching copies of correspondence on these issues which I have written previously on this subject.

2. We greatly welcome your initiative of relying on experts which we find very progressive and positive and we would very much like to see that extend to all aspects of health and ethnic minorities instead of what has happened so far of quangos with labour party allegiances and inexperienced advisors who are not in touch with the communities at large.

3. The Middle East issue seems to be at the hub of so many problems in the world and we would very much look forward to that being addressed in an impartial way which should include the peoples of the middle east at large. The only serious concern I have is the appointment of the most unsuitable person for the post of middle east envoy which will be, we believe, counter productive and will be felt as an insult to all Arab and Middle Eastern population.

May I once again wish you every success.

With kind regards
Yours sincerely 

Cllr Ismail Jalili