Fawzia Dallal Al-Falaki 

1944 - 1998



Awards and Contribution  

Fawziya was born in Bahrain on 24 March 1944 and died in London on 12 June 1998.

She was educated in Bahrain, Iraq and Kuwait and graduated from Damascus University with a BA degree in Philosophy and Social Studies and this was followed by MA in International Relation from the University of Southern California and a PhD thesis at the LSE entitled ‘GCC: Integration or Confrontation’

Fawziya was active in the Students Unions and Women’s Movements of Iraq, Syria, Palestine & Arabia during the 1960’s.  

She worked as a journalist and writer on international affairs for several magazines and wrote and presented a weekly radio programme on world intellectual figures (Baghdad 1968-1970).

She joined the UAE Embassy in London in 1974 as press officer and information specialist, becoming the Head of the Information Department in 1986.  During this period she was also Liaison officer on the World of Islam Festival (1976), a member of the executive committee of the Arab Club of Britain between 1983-1985 and board member of the Arab Educational and Cultural Forum since its establisHment in 1989.  Fawziya was founder and principal of the Arabic School in Ealing since 1984.



Fawzia with Yasir Arafat and Afif Safieh


















































Fawzia Dallal Al-Falaki


Fawzia and Dhia Al-Falaki

Fawziya was married to Dia Al Falaki and they had three children, Reem, Layth and Rana


Both Dhia and Fawzia had a pivotal role in pioneering the Arab cause in the UK. Dhia was the Founder and Chairman of the Arab Club in Britain in the early 1980s. Their efforts and dedication will be remembered for generation to come. Fawzia was his inspiration and his right hand. They put the foundation for Arab political and cultural work in the UK. 

Tributes to Fawziya  

Afif Safieh

Palestinian General Delegate to the UK

I used to introduce Fawziya to people as; ‘the inspiration of the Arab Diplomatic Corps, a pillar of the British – Arab community here in London.  

Mr Majed Jawad Al Jishi

It is impossible to think about Fawziya without recalling her great warmth and kindness.  She was genuinely selfless and compassionate woman who also made time for those around her, embracing them with her love, affection and hospitality.  She was also a woman of enormous courage and dignity which she was displayed until the very end and throughout her life.  Fawziya was driven by her love of the Arab world.   Although she left us early, we thank God for having allowed our lives to be touched by her.
George Galaway MP

She will never leave our memory and will always be remembered in the warmest way.  
Bernard Mills

Former Director of CAABU

I will always remember her for her great charm and vivacity, a joy to talk to at diplomatic and other functions and for her many acts, kindness and help to me whilst I was at CAABU.  
David Lay

Managing Editor of Oxford

Essentially, to the last, Fawziya was an Arab and a Muslim; but politically as an Arab nationalist and as an intellectual, she had a mind which enabled her to transcend national frontiers, ethnicity and religious exclusivity.  …We have a saying in English that someone is a “walking encyclopaedia”.  Fawziya was more than that; she was a bookshelf of encyclopaedias.  I and others learned so much from her, and we were enriched by the experience.  
Leila Fanoos
Head of
Information Department Qatar Embassy,

Fawziya was really here to build bridges; bridges of communication, of tolerance and understanding, of harmony and friendship.  Fawziya, this one fragile individual functioned like a well-run organization, because of her this was not simply a career but a commitment for life.

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·      Fawziya was awarded the L.V.O. (Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order) in 1989.

·      She was a member of the Foreign Press Association and  correspondent for the UAE News Agency from 1991.

·      Associate Member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) and the Centre of Near & Middle Eastern Studies (SOAS).

·       Regular attendee at the annual conferences of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democratic parties since 1968.  She was a focal point for Arab activities and a major lobbyist for Arab causes.

·       Participant in over 100 conferences, seminars and round table discussions on the following subjects: The Arab-Israeli conflict, the Arabian Gulf, Iraq, Iran, Oil, Water, Education, Women, Arab Unity & Islam.

·      Advocate of Arab Nationalism playing a major role in several organisations.  Her last responsibility on this front was at the 7th Arab National Conference in Casablanca in 1997 where she was in charge of the Media.  


Fawzia, Dhia and Dr Khairildeen Hasseb