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NABA (The National Association of British Arabs)
BAMA (British Arab Medical Association)

25 July 2006

You will like me all be watching with despair the disaster unfolding in Lebanon and I am writing to you about the emergency appeal being launched by Human Relief Foundation to provide humanitarian relief for the Lebanon. Below is their circular which we are forwarding on their behalf. I would urge you all to please give generously to this extremely serious catastrophe. Human Relief are a British based charity who work extremely hard in the Arab world; they have also been responsible for collecting, shipping and distributing medical equipment raised from NHS Trusts by NABA to Iraq and they are currently working on emergency medical relief for the Palestinian people. 

Ismail Jalili
Chairman of NABA
Relief Officer, BAMA


Human Relief Foundation (HRF), an international humanitarian charity based in Bradford, West Yorkshire has commenced its relief operations in crisis-borne Lebanon in collaboration with local partners and NGO’s. 

One week after the start of the hostilities, the humanitarian situation in Lebanon is worsening with the civilian population particularly affected, notably in southern Lebanon, Beirut and the Beqaa Valley. Over 300 people have reportedly been killed (30% of which are children) and over 860 wounded.

In Lebanon, there is widespread destruction of public infrastructure, including hospitals, schools, road networks, bridges, fuel storage, airports and main seaports. Of concern for future humanitarian relief operations is the destruction of roads and bridges linking Beirut to southern Lebanon. Shops are not open or open only sporadically and shelves are being emptied as people continue to stock up emergency supplies.

While figures as to affected populations remain only indicative, current figures suggest that there may be 500,000 conflict-affected people of which 200,000 are children. The number of displaced persons sheltering in schools has doubled to 66,000. In the Bekaa Valley, it has been reported that there are some 30,000 displaced. 

It has been reported that there are some 140,000 Lebanese now located in Syria, with some 100,000 requiring assistance. 

The Lebanese government has requested international assistance and appealed for medicines, supplies (like chlorine, surgical gloves, dialysis filters, medical refrigerators); materials for shelter and construction (such as tents, blankets, and generators) and fire fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, foam, fire hose and fire extinguisher vehicles).

Humanitarian assessments continue to be impaired by ongoing insecurity and destroyed roads networks and bridges, which has almost completely disrupted the food supply chain.

In Beirut, all hospitals are reportedly functioning despite power. With the number of people in shelters increasing, access to safe drinking water is become of concern, followed by adequate health care and treatment. Small dispensaries and clinics in the south of the country are beginning to run out of medicines.

HRF has strengthened its capacity in Lebanon and is conducting some limited assessment particularly of schools that are being used as temporary shelters for displaced people with key needs being a lack of water, sanitation and health care. HRF has so far allocated US $250,000 of its own money for this emergency - $100,000 for food and $150,000 for medicine. As the logistics of aid distribution are worked out, HRF is preparing to deliver critical emergency supplies in the areas of essential drugs, water, sanitation, and recreation.

Mr Yousaf Razaq (Project Co-ordinator) stated that the situation at present is both chaotic and unstable. It has been planned that a representative from HRF will fly out early next week to the affected area to have a clearer insight as to what is desperately needed. 

Various charitable events will be held to raise funds for the victims of the disaster. A 3-hour live televised appeal will take place on Sunday 23 July 2006 on ARY Digital between 2.30-5.30pm to raise funds for the much-needed families. People from all walks of life have been donating. Leaflets have been sent to thousands of HRF’s active donors and thousands more have been distributed up and down the country from Glasgow to Birmingham to Leicester and London. It has also received donations from across Europe.

The phone lines and e-mail system at HRF have been inundated with calls from people who are willing to donate regardless of race, creed, gender or ethnicity - they just want to help and do their bit. However, Mr Razaq stressed the need is huge and more donations are needed! 


The Human Relief Foundation was established in 1991 in response to the first Gulf War. Since conception HRF has worked on a multitude of projects in over 40 countries. In 2003 HRF received the ‘Special Consultative Status’ Award from the United Nations in recognition of its expertise in aid delivery across the world. 

For more information please contact Dr Nabeel Al-Ramadhani (Director) at the Human Relief Foundation on 01274 392727 / 07973 882 559 or e-mail: yrazaq@hrf.co.uk

Please make your donations payable to ‘Human Relief Foundation’ and send them to: HRF, FREEPOST BD3125, PO Box 194, Bradford, BD7 1BR, UK or visit www.hrf.co.uk. You can also donate to the Human Relief Foundation at: Barclays Bank A/C: 50 17 42 54 - Sort Code: 20-11-81


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