The ceasefire does not mean an end to death and injury in Lebanon.

Right now, streets, homes and workplaces are littered with unexploded bombs that are killing people as they return to their communities. Many people that survived the bombings will not survive the next few weeks.

The removal of unexploded weapons is needed now to prevent further loss of life.

The UK charity MAG is the only British agency on the ground in Lebanon, working towards clearing this threat.

You can help. A donation from you will:

* Remove the deadly weapons that will continue to kill and injure people even after conflict ends
* Allow emergency aid to reach those in need by creating a safer environment for aid agencies to carry out their work 
* Help people to return safely to their homes and rebuild their lives.

Clearing away the danger is the first step in post-conflict recovery

Please act now and give what you can

Call 0800 0723 999
MAG, 47 Newton Street, Manchester M1 1FT
Registered Charity: 1083008

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