The Other Arabs - The Arab Jews

Richard Sullivan
Institute of Near Eastern & African Studies (INEAS)

We are writing on this first day of the New Year to wish you a fruitful New Year and to introduce you to our 2007 documentary film project.

In late 2005, a 12-minute demonstration clip from part I of "The Other Arabs" was produced. It can be viewed by accessing our webpage http://www.INEAS.org/projects.htm#documentaryfilm  Additional information and how to support this project can be found at this link as well.

After the above demo. clip was produced, six additional Iraqi Jews (living in NY, Philadelphia and London), two Palestinians (born and raised in Palestine, currently living in Connecticut) and two non-Jewish Iraqis (living in Jordan) have been interviewed for part I of the series. The editing style used in this demo. clip does not reflect the editing style intended for the finally edited film.

If you know of knowledgeable candidates from IRAQ's Sabi'a (or Mandaean) community who can be interviewed between January and April of this year, please refer them to us and provide us with their contact information. We also want to interview knowledgeable Druze from Syria and Lebanon between February and April.

If any TV channel (or a grant-giving organization) is interested in sponsoring this project and/or funding it, please contact us at this yahoo address and at INEAS@aol.com 

Kindly distribute this note to your list WITH MANY THANKS.

Best Regards,

Richard Sullivan
Institute of Near Eastern & African Studies (INEAS)
P.O. Box 425125
Cambridge, MA. 02142 USA
Website: http://www.INEAS.org 

Brief Information:

The plan is to produce this documentary in a three-part series; Episode I is to focus on Jewish Arabs, Episode II is to highlight the Sabi'a (also known as Manda'ean or Gnostic) Arabs and Episode III is to feature Druze Arabs. It is scheduled for release in late 2007.

We need to raise $75,000 by May 30, 2007 to cover the editing cost of the three-part series of this unprecedented documentary about a cultural and religious segments of the Arab world that has been unknown or forgotten worldwide (including in the Middle East). Additionally your help in providing related footage will be greatly appreciated.

For more information and/or to make a donation, please access http://www.INEAS.org/projects.htm#documentaryfilm or contact INEAS at INEAS_1994@yahoo.com or at P.O. Box 425125 Cambridge, MA. 02142 USA. Your donations are tax-deductible. INEAS is a 501 C 3 independent and educational organization.



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