Please be aware of the irrational & the biased attitudes towards our Arab Allies, Partners & Friends

John A Lincoln, Lecturer 


March 21, 2006

Let us do something positive to minimize the man-made negatives between the Arab World and our Western World. This certainly will promote cordial dialogue, positive communication, understanding and untimately more exchanges, economic growth, employment and prosperity in both worlds.It is evident that every nation has its own challenges, including the Arabs. Therefore, it is extremely unwise & counter productive on the long run to antagonize and to mistreat our Arab allies, partners and friends. Our western media, leaders and societies should work hard and smart to minimize the damage that some irrational, biased and anti-Arab attitudes & sentiments may cause on the long run. 

It is inconsistent & unreasonable to promote Democracy, free market economy and the rule of law in The Arab World on one hand and allowing anti-Arab biases, bigotry and mistreatment on the other hand. I wonder who is going to trust, listen and believe in what we are trying to accomplish under these unhealthy circumstances. In order to convince others to trust and to believe in us, we should be honest with ourselves and with others by practicing what we preach. 
The Arab World and The United States are close allies for generations. Both have strong and enduring long lasting mutual Business dealings and cultural exchanges that can stand and endure all kinds of biases, racism, subversion and perversion. 
In our western free market Democratic societies, individuals, reporters and writers are allowed to put their views regarding any subject they like as long as their views follow certain acceptable norms. And the people are left to determine the motives behind the biases and the bigotry against the Arabs in general. 
Unfortunately, these days some of our reporters and writers in our western societies are motived by self-interests, certain biased media and political biases. Some of this biased & irrational media is damaging our interests, exchanges and bilateral interests with the Libyans in particular and with the rest of the Arab World in general on the long run. 

Some of these biased media and narrow minded individuals who are working against our western interests and exchanges with the Arab world may make up and fabricate false execuses to justify their bigotry, biases and anti-Arab attitudes & sentiments. 

Therefore, our mature and broad minded western leaders and societies should respond firmly against the biases, the bigotry and the anti-Arab attitudes in some of our western societies before it is too late. 
To sum up, we have to understand that the Arab World has different cultures and a long history compatible & complimentary with ours in the western world. On the long run, it is certainly not in our interests to promote biases, bigotry and anti-Arab attitudes & sentiments in our western Democratic societies. On the contrary, we should promote postive attitudes & sentiments towards welcoming, exchanging with, doing business with and treating the Arabs diligently, fairly & legally. Meanwhile, we should promote understanding, communication and dialogue between our western world and the Arab world to minimize the man-made sinister created by irrational & biased cross-cultures, multi-nationals' bi-lateral interests and greed. 
I leave you in peace, safety and wisdom guidance 

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