To the American Media hd

May Ibrahim

26 July 006

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been following your coverage of the Israeli attack on Lebanon, and I am appalled to see the lack of information provided to your audience on the ACTUAL escalation of events that has truly led to this 
inconceivably unjust and criminal military onslaught onto Lebanon and its citizens by the government of Israel.

Lebanon and the Lebanese population will suffer for months, if not years, to 
recover from this heinous offensive on their territory and their 
sovereignty, all in the name of Israel's self-defense. Without justifying 
the kidnappings themselves, it must be pointed out that Israel's existence 
and well-being have not come under any real threat as a result of the 
kidnappings, or as a result of any other event in recent history for that 
matter. How much self-defending does Israel really need to do with the 
Superpower of the day standing so closely behind, disbursing billions, 
deploying masses of weapons, invading countries opposed to Israel's 
policies and biting ferociously at any reproachful finger that may be 
pointed in Israel's direction?

The majority of articles published on your site state that the Israeli 
hostilities against Lebanon are a retaliation to Hezbollah kidnapping two 
Israeli soldiers, echoing President Bush's sentiment that the kidnappings 
give Israel the 'right to defend itself'. Has not one author in your team, 
nor any of your editors, thought it relevant to mention the 
months and years of Israeli kidnappings of Palestinian and Lebanese 
civilians, officials and public figures that have gone un-retributed? What 
about the hundreds, nay thousands of Lebanese, Palestinians and Syrians 
rotting away in Israeli prisons without charge or trial for years on end? 
And what of the tens of Palestinians assassinated daily in the Palestinian 
territories for 'alleged' crimes against Israel which have never been substantiated in front of an international court? 
What of the Palestinians’ rights to defend themselves or retaliate when their 
homes, schools, hospitals and livelihoods are destroyed, and their fathers, 
sons, brothers, mothers and sisters are murdered? What has happened to the 
rule of law? Or has Bush also relieved Israel of adhering to international 
laws on occupation, war and human rights? Once in violation of these laws, 
and Israel IS without a doubt in violation, does that not constitute it a 
criminal and terrorist state? Do international laws apply to all governments except that of Israel? Do the US and Israel alone decide which 
governments are terrorist and which aren't? You have conveniently chosen 
not to pose such questions nor seek their answers, though their relevance to 
the coverage of the current crisis is imperative.

Any good piece of reporting would present the reader with all the facts and 
allow them to reach their own conclusions. You have consciously and 
unforgivably colluded to misinform your readers as to the real causes behind 
the current (and continuing) Middle East crisis, and you have failed to 
depict Israel's contribution to the disastrous events in the 
region. Your news department has shown cowardice in its decision not to
criticize, let alone condemn, Israel's disproportionate and murderous 
military actions in Lebanon. How can such a show of an unbalanced and 
exaggerated response of force to the kidnappings be deemed as self defense? 
How should Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority respond to hundreds already 
kidnapped by Israel? What could be viewed by you as a proportional response 
to those crimes? By your apparent standards, the answer to such a question 
would certainly be terrifying.

You have proven to be a disappointment to your readers, both to those who 
are not aware of the history of this conflict and those who as a result of your 
coverage have been led to a reach the wrong conclusions, and to those 
readers who are aware of the history of the conflict and have been let-down 
by the blatant bias in your reporting and the un-explicable misinformation 
you have provided in favor of the Israeli government.

I will spare no effort on my part to ensure that this opinion of your news 
agency is circulated to friends, associates and contacts all over the globe, 
and to local newspapers worldwide, so that as many people as possible may be 
propelled to question your credibility as a news agency, and so that as many 
people as possible may be compelled to look elsewhere for their source of 
international news.

May Ibrahim
Montreal, Canada

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