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Our refugee protection system holds people's lives at risk

Press release by the Iraqi Association in the UK
We are dismayed that UKBA is working with Iraqi Interior Ministry Officials here to screen Iraqis. “Our refugee protection system holds people's lives at risk, although Iraqi is becoming yesterday’s news, but the misery is continuing unabated, are we not human?” Said Jabbar Hasan of Iraqi - Association in Hammersmith, west London.

In the latest highly unusual method, it was reported that the Home Office is working here with officials from the Iraqi Interior Ministry to screen Iraqis in order to deport them back to Iraq.

(Guardian newspaper 03.06.2010). The same ministry which is accused by the Human Rights

Watch for operating death squads and killings in Baghdad and elsewhere. UKBA must have

considered this fact before embarking on this method. Adopting this way to expel those sought sanctuary here contravenes not only the UN 1951 Convention, but our values and freedom. click to details

June 2010

Iraqi Association in the UK   
  Iraq's Lost Generation: Impact and Implications by Dr IK Jalili      
  Iraq: The Way Out May 2007 Brussels Tribunal  
  Report on the killing of four civilians in their house in Al-Karama district in Mosul on 29 March 2007 April 2007 IOHR  
  Despite Baghdad security plans assassinations of academics increase 29 March 2007 BRussels Tribunal  
  Statement on the murder of civilians during raids 3 April 2007 IOHR  
  IRAQI Woman Stabs American Soldier
عراقية تطعن جندي إحت
Report in Arabic and English
Feb 2007    

Update lists of Murdered Iraqi Academics

BRusselsTribunal - Regularly updated list


The Plight of Iraq Academics. Dr Ismail Jalili, powerpoint presentation Amy 2006.

Iraqi Academics and Doctors: Innocent Victims of a wider Geopolitical Struggle.  Dr Ismail Jalili, June 2006 (Revided 14 Feb 2007).

Lists of Names of Murdered Iraqi Academics and Doctors (Reised 1 May 32007) 
(1) In alphabetical order     اســـماء الاكـــــادميين المقتوليــــن
(2) By Town and University/Place of work   الاســـماء حســـب المدينة, الجامعة ومحل العمل  
(3) Medical and health professionals list  اســـماء الاطبـــاءالعراقيين المغتـــالين

Other Lists
In Arabic (Association of University lecturers  رابطة التدريســـيين الجامعيين، بغداد)
Threatened Iraqi Academics by March 2006    اســـماء الاكـــــادميين المهدديــــن


Reports of Islamic Organisation For Human Rights in Iraq  click here


  Sectarian elements in the killing of Iraqi academics

Oct 2006

Ali Hamdani  
  Iraqi Academics on BBC Arabic:
Link 1 / Link2

Dec 2006

Mustafa Kadhum
BBC Arabic
  IFJ Demands Release of Iraqi Women Reporter Held for a Month without Charge 

14 Oct 2006

International Federation of Journalists  
  IRAQ: Journalist held without charge for 3
weeks by Iraqi forces

14 Oct 2006

Committee to Protect Journalists  

Crying Wolf: Media Disinformation and Death Squads in Occupied Iraq

10 Oct 2006

Max Fuller  

A call for help from Suwaira, Iraq

Oct 2006


Demand for the Immediate Release of Dr Fadhil Al Bedrani

Sept 2006

BRussells Tribunal  

الحرية للصحفية كلشان البياتي

Sept 2006

صلاح المختار  

July Report of the Islamic Organisation of Human Rights in Iraq

July 2006


June Report of the Islamic Organisation of Human Rights in Iraq

June 2006


Al-Islah: Another Crime Committed to the Knowledge and Support of the Occupiers and the Iraqi Government

27 Aug 2006

Sabah Ali   
  A call from Ayatullah Al-Hasani in Karbalaa: US forces attacks 

15 Aug 2006

  تجمع العسكريين الوطنيين العراقيين الامانه العام: السيد الامين العام للأمم المتحده

Aug 2006

  موت الأبرياء ونفاق العرب : مع نقاش وردود

4 Aug 2006

د رياض عبد   
  Dr Qais Kadhim Al Janaby arrest by US troops

27 July 2006

Iraqi committee for National Media and Culture  
  Iraqi police showing their force to a poor ambulance driver in from of TV camera

July 2006

  The ethnic cleansing in Samaraa

July 2006


حملة لاطلاق سراح الناقد والكاتب قيس كاظم الجنابي من سجون الاحتلال الامريكي

27 تموز – يوليو 2006

الهيئة العراقية للاعلام والثقافة الوطنية.  

¡Nunca Olvida! Never Forget! The US role in Iraq’s death squads: A response to Gabriele Zamparini and Uruknet’s "Listening to the Survivors"

July 2006

Max Fuller  

فرق الموت في العراق وتشكيلاتها  

July 2006    

Thousands of displaced Families flee Ramadi as hospitals run out of medicine: City is threatened by massive US / Iraqi military attacks

27 June 2006 Dr Salam Ismael  

Darkness and Light
When international law and science are silenced, the only outcome is darkness 

18 June 2006 Gabriele Zamparini   

The Haditha Doctor - Walid al-Obeidi 

19 June 2006 Sarah Meyer  

SOS Ramadi 

18 June 2006 Inge Van de Merlen  

Contradictions Cloud Inquiry Into 24 Iraqi Deaths

June 17 2006 John Broder  

Iraqi Academics and Doctors: Innocent Victims of a Wider Geopolitical Struggle

11 June 2006

Dr Ismail Jalili  

Death Squads in Iraq: Fanatic Militias Used in a Dirty war

June 2006

An Iraqi Writer  

The Plaught of Iraqi Academics and Doctors at Madrid International Seminar on Assassinated Iraqi Academics - Revised Edition 

1 May 2006

Presentation by Dr Ismail Jalili  

ارقام واحصائيات عن اغتيالات الاكادميين العراقيين ي, محاضرة القيت في مؤتمر مدريد العالمي حرل اغتيالات الاكادميين العراقيين 

23 الى 23 نيســان|ابريل 2006

 للدكتور اسماعيل الجليل  

من المسؤول عن مجزرة علماء العراق؟  Who is responsible for the slaughter of Iraqi academics?

19 May 2005

Mohamed Aref  
  Al-Haq IOHR newsletter April 2005 IOHR  
  Updated list of Murdered and harmed Iraqi academics 13 April Via BRussell Tribunal  
  The erosion of free speech Mar 2005 Robert Fisk  
  US illegality in Iraq: Where is the limit? Mar 2005 Statement and Appeal - BRussels Tribunal  
  بعد أحداث أبو غريب: الاعتقال والتعذيب في العراق Mar 2005 Amnesty International (In Arabic)  
  Tortured, shot, ambushed, victims are found dumped outside morgues. What is happening to Iraq's intellectuals is chilling Mar 2005 Felicity Arbuthnot  

Death of a Professor

Mar 2005 Haifa Zangana March 2006  

Iraq: Academia's Killing Fields

Feb 2005 Felicity Arbuthnot  

Occupation increasing poverty (Iraq)

Jan 2005 Doug Lorimer  
  Death-squad style massacres: For Iraq, "The Salvador Option" Becomes Reality June 2005 Max Fuller  
  Quinquireme of Nineva Dec 2005 Felicity Arbuthnot   
  Quinquireme of Nineva (Arabic adaptation)

Dec 2005

Adaptation to Arabic of the above article Dr Maher Menzalji  

مقالات اخرى على مواقع عراقيـــوا المهجـــر   و  الموصـــل


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Iraq's Lost Generation: Impact and Implications by Dr IK Jalili