IRAQ: Journalist held without charge for 3
weeks by Iraqi forces

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New York, October 11, 2006-The Committee to Protect Journalists today demanded that Iraqi authorities release Al-Hayat correspondent Kalshan al-Bayati, who was detained in Tikrit three weeks ago.

Al-Bayati has been held without charge since she went to the security forces headquarters in Tikrit on September 18 to retrieve a personal computer confiscated during a raid on her home, according to CPJ sources.

"It is outrageous that Iraqi forces feel free to lock up a journalist without explanation or due process for three weeks," CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon. "The authorities in Tikrit must release Kalshan al-Bayati immediately and cease harassing her."

Al-Bayati, an Iraqi correspondent for the London-based, Arabic-language daily Al-Hayat, is being held in a women's prison in Tikrit, 112 miles (180 kilometers) north of Baghdad.

A sister said Al-Bayati was working on an article for the Saudi-owned newspaper about insurgents in Saleheddin province. Al-Bayati's prior reporting had been critical of security forces in Tikrit, hometown of ousted President Saddam Hussein.

Al-Bayati was jailed for three days in early September before being released by local authorities and ordered to stay at home, according to news reports and CPJ sources. Iraqi forces raided al-Bayati's house in the al-Zuhour neighborhood of Tikrit early on September 11, arresting her and seizing her car, personal computer, notes, and articles, those sources said. Her brother Najad was also arrested and released the following day.

Al-Hayat quoted al-Bayati at the time as saying that security forces had investigated her for possible ties to insurgents but found no link.

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Release Iraqi woman Journalist and writer Kelshan Al Bayati

Kelshan Al Bayati, born 1971, (her photo is on www.iraqiwomenswill.org), Iraqi woman writer/journalist and Al Hayat newspaper correspondent (London based Arabic newspaper) in Iraq, was first arrested on 11/9/06 by Iraqi forces in the city of Tikrit. She was released after signing an 'undertaking' on the 15th Sep 06, only to be re arrested again.

The news from Iraq received yesterday: she was badly tortured the first time and it is very likely that she is being currently mistreated in detention.

Kelshan was re arrested after attempting to retrieve her computer that was confiscated during the first raid on her house. Kelshan had written an article criticizing the security forces in Tikrit. This is widely believed to be the reason behind her arrest.

This is a call from Women's Will Association for all descent people in the world to protest about her detention and call for immediate release. we received the email below from WWA this morning. A call for all orgnaisations/ politicians the world over to demand her immediate release. 

Kelshan Al-Bayati has a BA in English, College of Education, Tikrit University.

She is a short story writer, published two books of stories, and has a novel to be published soon on the occupation. outspoken  anti occupation activist, published many articles under her name, criticizing the occupation. 

When  she was warned that she was going too far into criticizing the occupation she replied; " I do not need to hide my loyalty to my country. Kelshan is a member of Iraqi Journalists Union, Arab Journalists Union, and Iraqi Writers Union.

The propaganda being branded about freedom and democracy in Iraq, does not stand to close scrutiny. Writers and journalists in Iraq are subjected to a campaign of assassinations and arrests. According to the British Independent newspaper sources 134 journalists have been assassinated since the war on Iraq started.

Iraqi writer Qais Kadhum Al Janabi was arrested by the US forces on the 28th June 2006 in Hilla province, he is currently being held in the notorious Airport prison. He should be released immediately. The US forces in Iraq, has no business arresting writers.

We call on the UN, Council of Europe and  members of parliament, to intervene and use their influence for the immediate release of Kelshan Bayati and bringing those responsible for her arbitrary arrest and detention as well as torture to justice. The Iraqi authorities and the occupying forces are both responsible for the flagrant violations of human rights being committed with impunity in Iraq.

We demand that Gulshan al Bayati is given immediate independent legal counsel, as is her right under humanitarian law (including Article 113 of the 4th Geneva Convention) and international human rights law (Article 14, paragraph 3, section b of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights).

We remind those who hold Kulshan Al Bayati that holding detainees in an unsafe location is a violation of Article 85 of the 4th Geneva Convention.

We also remind those who hold detainees that Kulshan Al Bayati has inalienable rights under many relevant instruments of binding international law.

Tahrir Swift
Address withheld
by NABA 

+441689 602748

Haifa Zangana
Chair of Iraqi Committee for National Media and Culture


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