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  The consequences of a US war crime: Cancer rate in Fallujah worse than Hiroshima. Tom Eley 23 July 2010    
  Quotation form UN Report on Iraq      
  Iraqi Medical Crisis BBC March 2007  
  4.5 Million Iraqi children suffer from malnutrition (in Arabic) العراق:  4.5 مليون طفل يُعانون من نقص التغذية!!  UNICEF 
ترجمة: د. عبدالوهاب حميد رشيد
February 2007  
  Iraqi Hospitals Ailing under Occupation -  report Dahr Jumail September 2006  
Displaced children suffer depression and poor health
IRIN June 2006  
  Iraqi Children Falling Victim to Malnutrition Solomon Moore May 2006  
  Increased humanitarian risk in Palestine after the elections  (download the report) UN Mar 2006  
  Children's mental health affected by insecurity Iraqi Psychologists Association Feb 2006  
  Rebuilding South Sudanís Shattered Health Services Peter Moszynski July 2005   
  Report on International activity in Sudan DSF 2005  
  Blindness in Sudan: a predicament in a turbulent see of darkness Ismail Jalili July 2005  
  Health Crisis in Palestine and Iraq Ismail Jalili Dec 2004  

The war in Iraq: civilian casualties, political responsibilities (Comment, the Lancet)

Richard Horton Dec 2004  
  Palestine: the assault on health and other war crimes (BMJ) Derek Summerfield Dec 2004  
  Iraq Health Care Under the Occupation Ghali Hassan Dec 2004  
  War is Officially Over, But Urgent Needs Go Unmet in Southern Sudan DSF 2004  
  Assistance in Darfur Hanging By a Thread - Violence once concentrated in Darfur has now spilled over into neighboring Chad   DSF 2004  
  Report on International activity in Sudan DSF 2005  
  Medical ethics, the Israeli Medical Association, and the state of the World Medical Association, Letter to the BMJ  Derek Summerfield Nov 2003  
  Fighting "terrorism" with torture: Torture is a form of terrorism: there are no justifications for it. Derek Summerfield April 2003  
  The State of Health and Medical Services in Iraq: On the aftermath of the previous regime Dr Anwar Barnouti 2003  
  Report on International activity in Sudan DSF 2002  
  Report on International activity in Sudan DSF 2002  
  Report on International activity in Sudan DSF 2001  
  Author's reply to Israeli Medical Association Response Derek Summerfield Sep 1996  
  Israeli Medical Association shirks "political aspects" of torture Derek Summerfield Sep 1995  
  Torture in Israel Derek Summerfield May 1995  
  Human rights in Israeli occupied territories Derek Summerfield May 1995  
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