Be Alert Against the Bigotry and Racism Against Arabs

John Lincoln, Lecturer

9 June 2006

Please always be alert and watch for the bigotry and the racism against the poor and the naive£¬ distorted and extorted messy Arabs¡£Certainly they are partly to blame due to their unawareness of other cultures dynamics and hypocrisy and more importantly£¬ it is due to their lack of genuine Democracy and the rule of law which is manifested in their brutal Governments£¬ collaborators and beneficiaries¡£

Be aware that bigotry and racism against the poor Arabs is a dyanmic ugly process and it takes many ugly and twisted formes that you¡¯re not aware of¡£The ugly bigotry and racism know no boundries£¬ it is manifested in all the colors£¬ religions£¬ ethnic backgrounds£¬ political affiliations and creed at various levels¡£Due to these unhealthy£¬complex opportunistic environments£¬ please always be impartial and even handed with people£¬ but deal with and make close friends with the most civilized£¬well developed£¬ far sighted and reputable legally abiding cultures£¬ instead of messing up with primitive and lawless cultures¡£

It is extremely important to help develop your people by dealing with highly developed and reputable cultures and to treat them well by guiding them towards safety and success£¬instead of being left roaming the entire world like buffalos running after the poisnous pasture¡£

Please enjoy your dinner party responsibly and peacefully¡£The images you give and reflect overseas about the Arab cultures will reflect your heritage and societies back in your roots of origin¡£You¡®re the embassadors of your people back home£¬ the more good£¬ rational£¬ legal and positive things you do overseas will reflect on you and on your backgrounds back home and overseas as well¡£

It is extremely wise and far sighted vision to manage your poor people well£¬ instead of leaving them scuttered like sheep for the entire wolves of the world to abuse and to take advantage of¡£I have run to and observed many selfish£¬naive£¬ confused£¬ perverted£¬ distorted and extorted Arabs worldwide¡£It seems they are not aware of the structural groupings£¬ dynamics and hypocricy of the world¡£It is evident that they are being distorted and extorted due to their mess with the entire hookers/whores£¬ gangs and croosks of the world¡£

The same applies to our partners£¬ colleagues and friends £¨the western europeans£¬ Australians£¬Canadians and Americans£©¡£This is partly why the Arabs and the westerners have been always in confrontations¡£In addition to the paranoide£¬stupid and the fanatic Israelis and Palestinians conflicts which must be resolved legally£¬ fairly and peacefully through dialogues and negotiations¡£You have to understand that the Israelis and the Palestinians conflicts in particular and the Arabs and the Jews conflicts in general are being use as gambline cards by the entire hypocrites of the world£¬ especially the East£¬ the Asians and the Aficans¡£

To sum up due to the above mess £¨bigotry-sinister-deceipt£©£¬ the Arabs£¬the Jews and the westerners must wake up because they are being subverted£¬perverted and used against each other soley and absolutely for distortion and extortion reasons¡£

I leave you in peace£¬safety and wisdom guidance

Kind regards

John A Lincoln£¬ Lecturer


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