11 August 2006

Following Arab Media Watch's Action Alert of 4 August urging people to complain about Richard Littlejohn's column in the Daily Mail, AMW member Angharad Yeo contacted the police about the racist comments he made.

She has been told that there is a case, and the police have advised that all those who are offended by the racist comments (not issues of accuracy) write letters of complaint, post them to her, and she will present them all to the police.

She was told that this could potentially go to court, so to bolster our case and make sure the police take this seriously, please write and urge others to do so, remembering to include your contact details, and to focus only on the racism in the article, not the factual inaccuracies.  Her address is:

Angharad Yeo
Lemon Sand
The Limes
TN23 3NY

Our original Alert is at:


On a related note, AMW contacted the Commission for Racial Equality, who said they only deal with racism directed at individuals rather than peoples, which in our opinion makes them pretty redundant!

However, the Press Complaints Commission told us we have a case, and advised that we first write a letter to the Mail for publication. The newspaper refused to publish it, so we are now dealing with the PCC.


NABA Response 
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