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Sep 24, 2013 Egypt's Foreign Minister Says US-Egypt Ties 'Troubled' (Arabic version)  
Oct 21 2013

Why Arabs Fear a US-Iran Détente. By Marwan Bishara

October 27, 2013 Crimes against Humanity: The Destruction of Iraq’s Electricity Infrastructure. The Social, Economic and Environmental Impacts. Prof Souad N. Al-Azzawi. Global Research,  BRussells Tribunal and Global Research  
September 12, 2013 Syria Crisis: Vladimir Putin's Letter To America  
September, 2013 New Arabic film chosen to compete at forthcoming film festival  
August 27, 2013 

Syria: Obama’s pretext for war? by Phil Greaves

August 25, 2013 Send Medicine to syria NOT guns or soldiers. by William Jordan in Front Page and Politics
  The Greater Middle East Project. Syria 360º. Collection of Articles  
July 17, 2013 "War Criminals are Us". British Government Supports Prosecution of War Criminals "Whoever They are." By Felicity Arbuthnot. Global Research,.  
10 July 2013 Egypt: Staging a "Democratic" Military Coup. By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich. Global Research.  
July 2013 LI President on Egypt: Democratic legitimacy is not only gained through the ballot box  
July 2013 Iran's Incoming President and the New Middle East Cold War.  
July 2013 Rouhani’s warm words won’t bring thaw in Saudi ties. By Geneive Abdo, Special to CNN  
  Arabic Influence on English Language in Medicine. Dr Muhaned Al-Fallouji  
22 June 2013 Will Syria be The Key of The “New Middle East” Map? By Naziha Saleh
21 Jun 2013 Who will draw the new map of the Middle East?
Mohamed El-Menshawy
, Ahram Online.
May 2013 ADC Asks DHS to Grant Abu Ghraib Victims Access to the US  
April 2013 After Iraq, Climbing Out of the Moral Abyss. Adel Shamoo  
Aug 2012 US planning for a post-Israel Middle East  
27 May 2013 Plans for Redrawing the Middle East: The Project for a “New Middle East”  
11 July 2012

David Miliband: Labour cannot be conservative

New Statesman guest editor's leading article.

By David Miliband

Aug 2012 Olympic medals per capita  
  Church of Scotland report challenging Jews’ “divine right” to Palestinian homeland unchanged Impertinent complaints politely sidestepped. By Stuart Littlewood  

17 Sep 2009

Historic TUC vote on Israel boycott  
Summer 2010 Demonstrations in Cairo  
30 July 2010


Surrender to al-Shabaab may be first step to victory for Somalia
"Whatever its failings the transitional government in Mogadishu has to be preferable to an absolute takeover of Somalia by the radical Islamists of al-Shabaab."
Daniel Howden
July 2010 Analysis of Iraq now.الموضوع: العراق: الحكم المستحيل!- الضيف: د. غسان العطية، مدير المعهد العراقي للتنمية والديمقراطية. Ghassan Attiyah. Iraq politique interviewd by Mohamad Kawas. (in Arabic)
28 July 2010 UK to build trade links with Sudan
"Britain's new government has signalled its willingness to become "candid friends" of Sudan's regime and boost trade and business ties, in defiance of US sanctions."
William Wallis
28 July 2010


Arabs not given chance to 'decline'
As a long-time fan of Robert Fisk, I was a bit surprised to see the assertion in his article that "the term Palestinian broadly refers to Arabs who declined Israeli citizenship in 1948, when the country was formed"."
Martin Fletcher
28 July 2010


Hero' the Libyan regime wants to keep out of sight
"One year on, the bitter recriminations between Britain and America over the release of the Lockerbie bomber show no sign of abating, with US senators suggesting that the quid pro quo was a BP oil deal and denouncing the refusal of British politicians and executives to testify on Capitol Hill."
28 July 2010 To avert disaster, stop isolating Hamas. by Chris Patten
28 July 2010 Blair brought Britain close to seizing up, says ex-army chief
"Tony Blair bounced military commanders into deploying large numbers of British troops to Afghanistan while they were facing a growing insurgency in Iraq, leaving the army close to "seizing up", the Chilcot inquiry was told yesterday."
Richard Norton-Taylor
28 July 2010

Robert Satloff Debates Amb. Chas Freeman on Israel's Value as U.S.
Strategic Asset.

27 July 2010 Cameron lashes out at Gaza 'prison camp'
"David Cameron risked a rift with Israel yesterday when he branded the Gaza Strip a "prison camp"."
Francis Elliott and James Hilder
27 July 2010 The Israeli has a new vision - Jews and Arabs sharing one country
"If David Cameron is feeling a tad frustrated by the lack of progress in the Middle East - breaking with usual diplomatese during a visit to Turkey yesterday to brand Gaza a "prison camp" - then he is not the only one."
Jonathan Freedland
22 July 2010 Clegg told the truth on Iraq. It's for Cameron to end a decade of pretence. Simon Jenkins, The Guardian
7 July 2010 Nationalism and the long road to the Caliphate Yamin Zakaria
2010 CIA Report on the future of Israel  
June 2010 Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt MP: Gaza situation "unacceptable and unsustainable" Received via CAABU
June 2010 World Zionist Congress  
June 2010 Strange Bed Fellows The Living Stones
June 2010 Of course, they were asking for it Mark Steel, the Guardian
Jan 2010 Does Blair’s Testimony Clarify the Motive behind the Iraq War?

Yamin Zakaria

Feb The legacy of George W Bush's Presidency: The Country He Inherited, The Country He Leaves Behind
2009 Seeking Knowledge in Gaza. PowerPoint pictures  
6 Feb 2008 American Arabs Ponder Super Tuesday and Favor Obama Ghassan Rubeiz,
Jan 2008 The tragedy of Mosul  
28 June 2007 Checkpoints could be first target for peacemaker Blair James Hider in Azariya
15 June 2007 Iraq:  Dr IK Jalili
28 May 2007 The entire Labour party shares blame for Iraq's horrors Haifa Zangana
20 May 2008  Democracy? What a great idea... Nick Clegg
24 April 2007 The Islamic Threat to Europe: By the Numbers Kristoffer Larsson
18 April 2007 Israel: One third of Holocaust survivors live in poverty Bill Van Auken
12 April 2007 The Iraqi resistance only exists to end the occupation
The escalating attacks are not usually aimed at civilians, but are a direct response to the brutal actions of US-led troops (The Guardian)
Haifa Zangana
29 March 2007 Refugees or angry citizens: 
Iraqis should engage the exploding crisis of the refugees
Munther Adhami
28 March 2007 'Darfur - The Internal Struggle: A Window for Peace' Sir Emyr Jones Parry
27 March 2007 Tel Afer: Speech delivered at the European Parliament on 27th March 2007 at the “Iraqi Turkmen: The Human Rights Situation and Crisis in Kerkuk” event.  Merry Fitzgerald 
19 March 2007 She Drew Away the Veil on Criminal and Outrageous Conduct: In Memory of Tanya Reinhart Noam Chomsky
18 March 2007 Open letter to the anti-war movement  Hana Al-Bayati
7 March 2007 Address by His Majesty King Abdullah II: Joint Meeting of Congress Washington, D.C.  
7 March 2007 ‘Apes and pigs’: What does Islam teach? Dr Anthony McRoy 
March 2007

The price of 'Liberation"? Corruption Galore .ثمن "التحرير"؟ إرضة الفساد

Haifa Zangana  


Liberal Democrats: Background paper on Iraq

The Liberal Democratic Party
11 Jan A Christian Exodus From the Arab World Amira El Ahl, Daniel Steinvorth, Volkhard Windfuhr and Bernhard Zand
3 Aug "If this is not terrorism, what is?" An open letter to the American president   Salim al-Hoss Salim al-Hoss
Aug Netanyahu praises 'brave Blair'  Jackie Storer 
Aug The New Arab World Hana Al Bayati
4 Feb Morris Farhi's Tomorrow Duraid Jalili
7 Jan A drop in the abyss Haifa Zangana
1 Jan The Other Arabs - The Arab Jews: Letter  /  Video Richard Sullivan - INEAS
3 Aug "If this is not terrorism, what is?" An open letter to the American president    Salim al-Hoss
30 June Guardian finds Afghan witnesses US couldn't Declan Walsh
16 June  Palestinians dance for peace Manya A. Brachear
June  Bush's mission impossible Haifa Zangana
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Arab, the Media And Xenophobia  

Aug 2007 UK more suspicious of Muslims than America and rest of EU  Daniel Dombey in London and Simon Kuper in Paris 

Oct 2006

Lancet Study on Iraq deaths-Independent CAABU Letter in the Independent (Chris Doyle)


Crying Wolf: Media Disinformation and Death Squads in Occupied Iraq

Max Fuller

1 Oct

Top British architect tells of terror 'arrest'  Sophie Goodchild, The Independent

1 Oct

CAABU letter in Sunday Times on war on terror - 1 DIGGING DEEPER: Chris Doyle
9 Sept Objective Arab realities Hana Al Bayati

8 Sept

CAABU letter published in The Jewish Chronicle re Julie Burchill article CAABU: Chris Doyle
Sept The New Arab World Hana Al Bayati
25 Sept Kurds and Arabs vie for control of Mosul By Patrick Cockburn in Mosul, northern Iraq. Patrick Cockburn

16 Aug

Blair's 'frenzied law making' : a new offence for every day 
spent in office 
Nigel Morris
12 Sep There are more than one triangle of resistance Haifa Zangana  
هيفاء زنكنا

9 June

Be Alert Against the Bigotry and Racism Against Arabs John Lincoln

4 Aug

(1) Racist attack on Arabs in the Daily Mail - introduction
(2) Racist remark against Arabs in the Daily Mail - Follow up
(3) CAABU response

(4) NABA response


Write to your MP on the Lebanon War (from CAABU) CAABU


Letter from John Austin MP to Blair CAABU


Letter from CAABU to the BBC re Maureen Lipman's statement CAABU


Letter from CAABU to the Evening Standard CAABU


Letter from CAABU to the Guardian CAABU

26 July

To the American Media  May Ibrahim
  The hate that dares speak its name: Anti-Arab racism Dr Anthony McRoy

الحقدُ الذي يَتجاسرُ يَتكلّمُ اسمَه: التمييز العنصري المعادي للعربُ   

 الدّكتورِ أنتوني مكروي


Arabs And The Media

Narmeen El-Farra 
  العرب وأجهزةُ الإعلام  


Action Alert: Protestors to wear T-shirts with Muhammad Cartoons at Rally this Saturday

Mar Muslim Visitors to US 'Targeted Unfairly' Ben Bain

On the Anti Muslims Movement in Europe and Simone Weisenthal Center  (English Version  /  Arabic Version)

National Islamic Congress in Europe

Jan Stop Racist Billboard Campaign ADC Action Alert
Letter to Governor Easley
Letter to to Richardson
Arab Anti Discrimination Council


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Feb A Battle with French Media (in Arabic and French) Subhi Toma

Unity In Deceit - The British Media And Iraq's Election

  Churchill Quits Chairmanship (Another example of the freedom of thought in the US by Matthew Beaudin
Jan Out of sight, out of mind? - On the Anti-Arabism in the UK  Sharif Nashashibi
Jan Extracts from CAABU's Letters to the Media on Anti-Arabism Chris Doyle


Restricting Rights of Muslim Americans William Kates
Jan British Muslims to miss Holocaust ceremony   Paul Majendie
  Articles from America on Terror Via Naeem Bangali
Dec Ending Religious Discrimination Dr Anthony McRoy


Islamophobia, Intransigence and ignorance Dr Anthony McRoy
Dec Institutional Racism is Alive and Kicking Dr les Back


Anti Arabism in the UK

Dr Anthony McRoy
Dec The Fear Factor: on the Islamophobia in the US Blaine P. Friedlander Jr.


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The Lunacy of Ethnic Profiling Dr Anthony McRoy

On the Anti Muslims Movement in Europe and Simone Weisenthal Center  (English Version  /  Arabic Version)

National Islamic Congress in Europe

Nov 2003 Biased Media Coverage of Palestine and Palestinians ADC
Nov 2002 The Zionization of the American Media Edward Said
Feb 2001 In the freest press on earth, humanity is reported in terms of its usefulness to US power John Pilger
Jan 2001 Stigma Against Arab-American Political Discourse ADC

Of Mice and Monsignors: The Press  and Canadian Policy Towards the Middle East

B E Burton
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 Arab in Diaspora

15 Oct

Charity work in the US (in Arabic) مراقبة التبرعات الإسلامية في أميركا  
10 Oct

British Arab Muslims and the ‘War on Terror’: Perceptions of Citizenship, Identity and Human Rights

Layla M El-Wafi1
22 July Muslim group urges disengaging policy from 'dictates' of pro-Israel Lobby CAIR
June Bari is hope for British Muslims  Dr Anthony McRoy
June A Worrying Read: ID Card Frances Stonor Saunders
June Abrar Discussion: Muslims and the Western Media  Ahlul Bait Islamic Mission

British Muslims could learn a lot from the BNP!

Dr Anthony McRoy 
March Please be aware of the irrational & the biased attitudes towards our Arab Allies, Partners & Friends John A Lincoln
July Anatomy of a mission, transcript of Safieh lecture in Chatham House  Afif Safieh, 
  A Call to Arab and Muslim Organisations in Diaspora (In Arabic) Dr Ismail Jalili

British Arabs

Dr Anthony McRoy
  Three British Arabs from the 3 major political parties and elections 2005 مواقف عرب بريطانيا من برامج الاحزاب الرئيس   BBC Arabic website
 موقع ب ب سي بالغه العربيه

Arab Christian in Britain

Dr Anthony McRoy
  Invisibility of the Arab Community in Britain Ali Omar Ermes
  Diaspora Arab Zeibnab Badawi
  The Yemeni Community in Britain Mohammad Al Masyabi

Cybernault of Arab Diaspora

Jon W Anderson

Palestinian Communities in Europe (Arabic)

Dr Ibrahim Hammami

British Arabs & Muslims & the Elections

Dr Anthony McRoy

American Arabs and Muslims and the US Presidential Elections

Dr Anthony McRoy

History of the Canadian-Arab Friendship Society

Habeeb Salloum
  A Tribute to Edward Said Afif Safieh
  Crosscurrents into the mainstream Amina Howeidy
Nov 2004 Arab Population in the UK Dr Ismail Jalili
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Human Rights

  Iraqi Human Rights Monitor   
  Palestinian Human Rights Monitor  

July 2006

US Government Torture document American Civil Liberties movement
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Health And Politics

Feb 2007 4.5 Million Iraqi children suffer from malnutrition (in Arabic)
العراق:  4.5 مليون طفل يُعانون من نقص التغذية!! 
UNICEF ترجمة: د. عبدالوهاب حميد رشيد  

6 Oct

Revealed: the diversity that defines a nation  Maxine Frith
Sept 2006 Depleted Uranium Doug Westerman
Sept 2006 Effect of War on Iraq Dr Jawad Al-Ali
19 Sept 2006 Kashmir's Children: The Silent Witnesses of the earthqwake Al-Madad Foundation, UK
June 2006 Iraqi Hospitals Ailing under Occupation -  report Dahr Jumail
June 2006 Displaced children suffer depression and poor health IRIN
May 2006 Iraqi Children Falling Victim to Malnutrition Solomon Moore
Mar 2006 Increased humanitarian risk in Palestine after the elections  (download the report) UN
Feb 2006 Children's mental health affected by insecurity Iraqi Psychologists Association
Sept 1996 Author's reply to Israeli Medical Association Response Derek Summerfield
Sept 1995 Israeli Medical Association shirks "political aspects" of torture Derek Summerfield
July 2005  Rebuilding South Sudan’s Shattered Health Services Peter Moszynski
July 2005 Blindness in Sudan: a predicament in a turbulent see of darkness Ismail Jalili
May 1995 Torture in Israel Derek Summerfield
May 1995 Human rights in Israeli occupied territories Derek Summerfield
Dec 2004 Health Crisis in Palestine and Iraq Ismail Jalili
Dec 2004

The war in Iraq: civilian casualties, political responsibilities (Comment, the Lancet)

Richard Horton
Dec 2004 Palestine: the assault on health and other war crimes (BMJ) Derek Summerfield
Dec 2004 Iraq Health Care Under the Occupation Ghali Hassan
Nov 2003 Medical ethics, the Israeli Medical Association, and the state of the World Medical Association, Letter to the BMJ  Derek Summerfield
Apr 2003 Fighting "terrorism" with torture: Torture is a form of terrorism: there are no justifications for it. Derek Summerfield
2003 The State of Health and Medical Services in Iraq: On the aftermath of the previous regime Dr Anwar Barnouti
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  The Usury Battle. Originally published on December 22, 2006.
Translated by Mohammad Dandan
معركة الربا  
بقلم احمد صبحي منصور
  Dalai Lama on Relogion  
  عادة التطبير: اصولها التاريخية  
May 2008 Abolition of the Blasphemy Law in the UK via NSS
May 2008 اليزيدية جذورها عراقية قديمة اسمها أموي وليس لها علاقة بالاكراد ...... أنور معاوية الأموي بقلم: الأمير أنور معاوية الأموي أمير الطائفة اليزيدية
April 2007 Conference on "The Religious Dimension in intercultural Dialogue" Via NSS
19 April 2007 The Position In British Society of Those Who Profess No Religion. Debate called for by Lord Harrison in the House of Lords. Paper presented by the National Secular Society. NSS, UK
Oct Secular Organisation Report 2005 National Secular Organisation, UK
24 Sept Muhammad's Sword Uri Avner
30 Sept Pope Benedict XVI Distorts History to Serve US Cause Indian Communist Party
Sept Yousif Al-Siddique (in Arabic)  
Sept The Arab national Congress comment on the Pope Speech ANC
23 Feb 2000 Israelites Sue God For Breach Of Covenant!!!


12 Jan 2007 Changes in the Electoral System and Health Provision in the UK with the Aging Population 2007 From local councils circulars


29 Dec Alienated at home find solace at Haj  Arifa Akbar 


King's meteoric rise in world league table  

5 Sept

Britain undermined in Arab eyes Chris Doyle, CAABU

23 August

How immigrants sustain Britain's economic growth  Andrew Grice and Jonathan Brown

20 August

Clear Day Our foreign policy is just plain wrong Menzies Campbell
16 August Blair's 'frenzied law making' : a new offence for every day 
spent in office 
Nigel Morris
16 August "Many people in this country who have no interest in listening to any Muslim unless they can chorus their own loathing and suspicion of Islam" Madeleine Bunting 

4 August

Blair: Battered by criticism Colin Brown
3 August Mr Blair, it is time to recognise your errors and just go Rodric Braithwaite 

27 July

Menzies Campbell, leader of UK's Liberal Democrats  Liberal Democrats

20 July

British anger at terror celebration Ned Parker and Stephen Farrell

Now it's time for Lib Dems to start acting seriously

Andrew Rawnsley
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  Palestinian Election 2006: Figures  
Sept Sectarian Violence  
Sept The birth Pangs of the new Middles East  
  Nashjib Al Muqawama - Condem the resistance (arabic)  
  Reborn of New Middle East  
  Arab aid to Lebanon  
  Condaleeza: new ME is reborn  
  Allahumma Ihzim  
  Nihayat Kaas Alalam  
  Israel's right to defend itself  
  Arabs League General Secretary  
  No comment  
Sept Death Squads  
Aug The most popular sign in Germany  
July  Stem cells research and Arabs  
July Cartoons on the war against Lebanon  
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Undated Old Reviews
  The Zionist Plan for the Middle East. Translated and edited by Israel Shahak  


  Selections of quotations sent to NABA Various
  Quotation by Israeli leaders Mona
Quotations in a slide show
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