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Arab Media Watch (also in Arabic / French / Spanish)

  Arabic Newspapers Online      

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Arab-British Organisations

  NABA   The National Association of British Arabs  
  Arab British Centre      
  Arab Media Watch   Arab Media Watch - an independent, non-profit organisation set up in September 2000 - fulfils a crucial and unique role, dedicated to improving the objectivity and comprehensiveness of the British media's reporting on Arab issues.  
  A M Qattan Foundation       Aims to serve and promote education and culture in Palestine and the Arab world.  
  BARC   British Arab resource Centre - The aims of the British Arabs resource Centre are to improve the life-style of Arabic speaking communities living in the Greater London area (with special focus on Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea), meet their needs and promote better understanding of the Arab/Muslim culture and civilisation.  
  British Arab Medical Association (BAMA)   Arab Medical organisation in the UK established in 1996. Contact address: 68 Roman Bank Stamford, PE9 2ST  
  Council for the Advancement of Arab British Understanding    Established in 1960s to promote Arab British understanding and highlight Arab issues to the British public, politicians and media.  
  British Yemeni Society      
  Friends of Lebanon   12 Berry Lane, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, WD3 7HQ, UK. Tel: +(44) 1923 772494, Fax: +(44) 1923 772494.  Email:  
  Iraqi Community Association, UK   Al Muntada Al-Iraqi  
  Muath Trust, Birmingham   Muath Welfare Trust (MWT) was established in 1990 to play a leading role in the efforts to helping communities live in harmony with one another by developing the skills and capacity of long ignored communities, which live on the margins of British society. This started by addressing the basic needs of these communities to access education and training, social and recreational opportunities.  
  Palestinian Return Centre, UK      
  Syrian Association in the UK   A community association for the Syrian in the UK.  
  Syriac Media Centre   Syriac media information  





Middle_east Institute at SOAS Events
  School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) holds frequent lectures and seminars on Arab issues.  

AIRSS (Arab Institute for Research and Strategic Studies)


Tel: 00962 6 5829601 , Fax: 00962 6 5829603, Email:

  INEAS   Institute of Near East & African Studies is an independent and educational organization founded in 1994 by Wafaa' Al-Natheema. It  has produced a variety of educational and entertaining products in the form of books, CDs and videotapes in subjects varying from Arab Contributions to Science, History of Music and Musical Instruments, to concerts.  

Art and Culture

  Bluecoat Art Centre, Liverpool   An annual festival which it is going from strength to strength; started as partnership called Nadey Al-Bluecoat between the Liverpool Yemeni Arabic Club and the Bluecoat Arts Centre. It is normally a month long of activities covering a variety of Cultural events, arts, singing, traditional and moderns dancing, heritage, architecture and music. It is the largest Arabic Arts Festival in the UK and probably in Europe.  
  Lyre of Ur   Harp of Ur project pioneered by Andy Lowing and his team  
  Islamic Art at Glasgow Museums
  Presents the Islamic heritage of the Mediterranean basin, alongside the collections of Islamic art hosted by the participating museums, within a virtual environment. Visitors to the site will be able to view objects from various museums in relation to each other, as well as placing them in context with the monuments and archaeological sites from which they originated. 
(For more information on NABA website click this link)
  Mathaf Gallery   Art gallery dealing with art of Arabia.  
  Aya Gallery   Ayagallery is distinctively London's newest venue dedicated to exhibiting and promoting contemporary art predominantly from Iraq, but also from the Arab and Islamic world as well as art inspired by the culture and faith at large.  In addition to hosting exhibitions, ayagallery provides a wide range of art-related services including graphic design, framing, restoration and art consultancy, both to the private and public sectors.

Books and Publishers

  Hood Hood Books   Specialising in Islamic children's books.  
  Alsaqi Bookshop and Publisher   A wide range of titles in Arabic and English about the Middle East including Islamic Studies, Art & Architecture, Political Studies, Culture & Media Studies, Literature, Arab Poetry, Languages, Travel, Cookery, Children's books in addition to some old titles.  
  Arab World Books

(Also see Newsletter)

Resume provided by Arab World Books
Arab World Books is all about Arab thought, the ideas, the books and the women and men who created them. Founded in Geneva in March 1998, Arab World Books is the first Arab cultural online club.
We are an independent non-profit entity staffed by volunteers. We welcome all contributions and encourage interaction. If this interests you, we welcome you as a member of this club.
If at any time you do not want to receive our postings, it is very easy to
remove yourself from our list.

  Almashriq   A Middle East Bookstores in London  
  Westminster Bookshop   London Bookshop, email:  

Charity and Relief

  Human Relief Foundation   P.O. Box 194, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD7 1YW, England, UK. Tel: + 44 (0) 8700 117 112 / 113/ Fax: + 44 (0) 1274 739992.  E-Mail: Offices worldwide inc. London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Holland, Iraq, Syria and Pakistan  
  Islamic Human Rights Commission, UK   IHRC is an independent, campaign, research and advocacy UK organization based in UK fosters links and work in partnership with other organizations from varios background to campaign for justice for all peoples regardless of their racial, confessional or political background.  
  Atfaluna   Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children, 72 Philisteen Street - P. O. Box 1296. The Gaza Strip, The Palestinian Authority Email:, Telefaxes: + (972-8) 2828495 or 2865468.   
  Islamic Relief      
  Muslim Aid      

Medical and Health Organisations


Egyptian Medical Society, UK

  Iraqi Medical Science Association      
  National Arab American Medical Association      

Learning Centres   For learning Arabic online for Arab expatriate children. The website includes also some FREE stuff such as Arabic True Type fonts, screensavers, e-cards and animated humour. Mohammad Alagha.  

News and Magazines

  The Arab Network in Britain - ARANIB   Arab discussion forum.  
  Middle East      

Directories & Information   Gateway to the Middle East  
  The Muslim Directory On-Line   Directory of businesses and organisations in the UK  
  UK Middle East Directory   Directory of businesses and organisations in the UK  


  atasoft   Online Web Translation  
  alhoodhood   Online Search Engine in Arabic  
  almisbar   Arabic dictionary  


  IT solutions  

Arab Research Centres

  Arab Seminar      
  Arab American British Arab research   A new website that summarises the results of a 3-year project on Arab American and British Arab community activism.   
  Centre for Arab Unity Studies   The leading centre for  research, studies and publication  on Arab issues, Beirut.  

Arab Organisations Abroad

  The Arab National Congress   Based in Beirut  
  Women Issues  
  Women Against Rape      
  Middle-Eastern Media and Sites      
A) Arabic  
B) Bahrain Tribune   BBC News Audio  
C)   Asharq Alawsat International  
D) Daily Star Online   Anti War  
G) Gulf News   BBC World  
H) Huna London (radio)      
J) Jerusalem Post      
  Jujaina News    صحيفة اخبار جهينة  
K) Khaleej Times      
L) London Time UK   A monthly English Arabic newspaper in London Time aimed at the Arabic community in London and abroad. The newspaper is printed and distributed in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and London. Contact telephone number +44 (0) 7870 4321 60.  
M) Middle East News   Middle East Times  
W) Washington Post   Washington Report  
Y) The Yemen Observer      

UK Politics

  UK Parliament   An independent inquiry into Britain's democracy